Flexible solutions for onshore drilling, conventional and unconventional oil and gas applications

Industrial Security

White Paper: Security Measures Industrial Hackers Hope You Ignore

Oil and gas industry executives must stay informed of cyber security threats for two reasons: (1) the energy sector is by far hackers’ #1 target, says the U.S. Department of Homeland Security; and (2) a cyber attack on their own facilities can potentially have serious impacts on operations and profitability as well as grave consequences for the life safety of personnel and nearby communities. This paper provides an executive level briefing of today’s top cyber threats, plus an overview of a layered “defense-in-depth” strategy – an industry best practice.

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Shale Gas and Unconventional Oil & Gas

Shale refers to layered, fine-grained, sedimentary rock, which can either trap natural gas, or if organically-rich enough, can be processed to produce oil. Other unconventional oil and gas sources include oil sands (very dense petroleum mixed in with sand and other minerals) and tight gas (gas trapped in non-shale rock formations). With the abundance of undeveloped shale reserves in the USA and globally, oil and gas companies are taking advantage of new techniques and technology like hydraulic fracturing to tap these readily-available resources. With our products, Siemens can help you be competitive in this ever-growing market. Siemens can provide comprehensive products and systems for a number of other unconventional gas applications including:

  • Shale Shakers

  • All-electric Pumps

  • Gas Gathering

  • Hydraulic Fracturing Pumps

Process Instrumentation solutions

Well Stimulation

Enhanced recovery of hydrocarbons from low permeability rock formations by means of chemicals, acids, and fracturing techniques. Also known as fracking, hydraulic fracturing, and pressure pumping.

Application Brochure: Well stimulation and completion

Article Reprint: Every grain counts - Herman Coello dicusses automation solutions to optimize frac sand operations

Application: Fracking - Level measurement precision in North American oil fracking

Application: Frac Water Transfer

Case Study: Siemens radar level transmitter provides the answer to accurate Frac Sand inventory monitoring

Hydraulic Fracturing: Click on the image for more detailed information on process instrumentation for these processes

Process Instrumentation for Hydraulic Fracturing


Equipment and systems necessary at the well site to separate and condition hydrocarbons before midstream.

Extend integrated operations to remote, multi-well pads for more cost-effective production A Solution Brief from Nyati Services, a valued Siemens partner

Across oil and gas fields in the U.S., growth in unconventional extraction efforts—especially hydraulic fracturing or "fracking" as it’s called—have led to more wells being drilled in smaller geographic areas, increasingly on multi-well pads.

This leads to a new challenge. How can we monitor remote well-head performance cost-effectively? The solution is: Ruggedized, solar-powered, well-head instrumentation skid package with remote connectivity. Read More.

Optimizing asset utilization and maximizing profits

Application Brochure: Onshore production

Process Instrumentation Solutions

Radar Level Transmitters

Radar level transmitter technology is non-contacting and low maintenance. Because microwaves require no carrier medium, they are virtually unaffected by the process atmosphere (vapor, pressure, dust, or temperature extremes). Radar level transmitters provide reliable continuous level measurement for short- to long-range applications. More...

Onshore Oil: Click on the image for more detailed information on Process Instrumentation for these processes

Process Instrumentation for Onshore oil and gas processes

Onshore Gas: Click on the image for more detailed information on Process Instrumentation for these processes

Process Instrumentation for onshore gas processes


In order to extract gas or oil from a formation, a well must be drilled with the use of a rig. With space restraints and portability in mind, Siemens can provide motors and drive systems and process intrumentation and analytics for these and other onshore drilling applications:

  • Top Drive

  • Mud Pumps

  • Draw Works

  • Artificial Lift

Drilling: Click on the image for more detailed information on Process Instrumentation for these processes

Process Instrumentation for upstream drilling

Mud Pits / Level Monitoring

Siemens offers a unique and comprehensive range of contacting and non-contacting level transmitters for point level and continuous level measurement. Our intelligent level transmitter devices are characterized by extreme precision and reliability, proven in countless installations in the process industry worldwide.