Compliant, Compact Systems for Offshore Drilling and Production

Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) and Offshore Platforms

Oil and gas companies are taking offshore oil exploration and production deeper and deeper, requiring  FPSOs, Tension Leg Platforms (TLPs), Semi-submersibles and other platforms to develop offshore discoveries.  With reliability being a key necessity and our focus, Siemens can deliver comprehensive systems for the following (but not limited to) offshore oil rig platform applications:

  • Export and Flash Gas Compressors

  • Water and Chemical Injection Pumps

  • Oil, Plunger and Subsea Pumps

  • Gas and Water Lift

  • Jacking Systems

Analytics for off-shore industry

Process Analytics for off shore applications

Whether your analytical need is environmental, or relates to quality or safety, Siemens has a solution that is suitable for the harsh off-shore environment.

SITRANS P500 Differential Pressure Transmitter - Stainless Steel version geared towards offshore applications

P500 Stainless Steel brochure


White Paper: How to Develop Cost-Effective, Ruggedized Skid-Based Applications for Remote Deployments. By Solid State Automation & Controls

Skid-based applications for the oil and gas industry must meet or exceed customer requirements while yielding a profit for their developers. This paper describes how such an application was designed,engineered and built to lower the viscosity of oil output on a major producer’s remote offshore platform in the Gulf of Mexico before the oil was pumped ashore. The application uses components from the Siemens SIPLUS ruggedized line of PLCs, I/O, power supplies and HMI, contained within an explosion-proof NEMA-7 enclosure that was specially designed and engineered for this application.

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Process Instrumentation for Offshore Oil and Gas

Click on the image to learn more about Process Instrumentation Products for Offshore Oil and Gas processes

Process Instrumention for offshore oil and gas

Industrial Security

White Paper: Security Measures Industrial Hackers Hope You Ignore

Oil and gas industry executives must stay informed of cyber security threats for two reasons: (1) the energy sector is by far hackers’ #1 target, says the U.S. Department of Homeland Security; and (2) a cyber attack on their own facilities can potentially have serious impacts on operations and profitability as well as grave consequences for the life safety of personnel and nearby communities. This paper provides an executive level briefing of today’s top cyber threats, plus an overview of a layered “defense-in-depth” strategy – an industry best practice.

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