Ensuring Reliable Operation and Maximum Protection Against Equipment Failure

With guaranteed 24-day cycle times, Siemens repair services for large mining motors will help maximize your MTBF (mean time between failures)

Whether they’re being repaired as part of a scheduled maintenance program or due to failure, motors returned to operation by the Siemens global network of service facilities run better and run longer. Since 1979, Siemens has successfully provided the mining industry with turnaround repair, upgrade and retrofit solutions for motors from all OEMs. The unmatched quality of Siemens motor services allows mine managers to minimize total lifecycle motor maintenance expenses while enhancing the reliability of their entire operation. Perhaps most importantly, by turning to Siemens, facility managers gain the confidence they need to effectively decrease motor inventories – a powerful tool for reducing operating expenses.

Good Reasons for SIMINE Services

  • Optimum availability and efficiency of your machines and systems

  • Full utilization of the technical potential of your machines without capital-intensive investments

  • Reduced costs for downtimes and other non-productive times

  • Fast, reliable solution of problems

  • Reduced maintenance costs and less capital tied up

  • Improved plan ability of budgets and better cost transparency

  • Cost-optimized availability of spare parts, measuring devices and tools

  • Completely matched solutions provide security for a modernization strategy for lasting technical reliability

  • The functionality of your plant and equipment can be increased significantly through the use of modern automation and visualization systems

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