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From receiving raw ingredients to shipping the finished product, bakeries manufacturers depend on Siemens seamless, uninterrupted production process tools. Efficient production control using our bakery  automation systems at every point in the process helps ensure maximum product quality and the lowest possible cost.

From the field level through ERP, Siemens bakery automation technology is helping bakeries consistently get the highest yields while maximizing efficiencies. We can help accomplish this with the right concepts so customers can count on smooth processes from beginning to end.

  • Reduce complex line operations

  • Troubleshooting made simpler

  • Reduce complexity overall; line as one unit

  • Connections/handshake with other platforms

  • Performance stability

How Queen City Candy Company Entered Manufacturing

Featured Resources

Gum Sheeter Case Study

Gum Sheeter Technology & Cost Efficiency - Case Study

One global confectioner broke away from legacy, mechanical-based chewing gum sheeter machines for an open architecture system. The new technology platform produced significant reductions in engineering and implementation costs, energy consumption, plant noise, footprint and spare parts – and a significant increase in mean time between failure (MTBF).

Queen City candy confectionary

Queen City Enters the Candy Manufacturing Industry - Case Study

Although Queen City Candy was not new to the U.S. or global candy markets,
these factors and many others gave the company a lot to chew on while
making its decision to enter the candy manufacturing industry. A family-owned
company, Queen City Candy had already invested nearly 35 years in building
a thriving business in candy and confections – as a buyer, packager and reseller
of top retail candy to customers throughout the world.

Confectionary Case Study

Efficiency with Single-Process Controller & Plant-Wide Data - Case Study

An established manufacturer of confections approached Siemens for consultation on how best to upgrade the technology platform driving its production lines. This manufacturer needed to upgrade its plant operating systems and technologies to increase process efficiency, support new growth, enable data transparency in the plant and other business systems, and allow local maintenance, implementation and support.

Bakery Case Study

Optimization for Vandemoortele Bakery via SITRANS Flowmeter - Case Study

Since 1899, the Vandemoortele bakery and production plant has been providing the high-value frozen bakery products, packed margarines and shortenings. Employing roughly 5000 workers in 12 countries, the company owes its success to high standards of quality, innovative production technologies and a flair for finding economic alternatives. The latest example is the SITRANS FC430, a Coriolis flowmeter that Vandemoortele uses to optimize margarine utilization by recycling and returning what is not used back into the melting process.

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