Soft, smooth and absorbent tissue made by environmentally friendly production

Tissue papers are an integral part of our daily lives. The required properties of softness, smoothness, even after a considerable amount of moisture has been absorbed, place special requirements on the manufacture of these papers.
Softness is one of the most important product characteristics of tissue papers. Apart from this significant factor, there are other important quality characteristics such as absorbency and resistance to tearing. These properties are achieved as a result of the sophisticated paper making process, which begins with a well thought-out method for fiber preparation.
Stricter environmental regulations are necessitating improvements in the quality of waste water and exhaust air, the efficient use of energy and a reduction in the consumption of fresh water.
SIPAPER provides a unique overall package for setting up, expanding and operating production facilities for the manufacture of tissue papers.
Uniform equipment design based on standardized SIPAPER solutions is the basis for a transparent and efficient production process without interfaces. Our solutions represent many years of experience and are matched to the standard solutions of mechanical engineering.

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