Specialty Paper

Highly efficient production with transparent processes

The production of a ton of paper requires approximately 700 kWh of electrical energy and a considerable amount of fresh water. The rising costs of energy and raw materials are strong arguments for improvements in utility reductions.
The main task of process design is to create flexible production from stock preparation to the finished products by integrating all the various processes involved. We pay very special attention to the continual rising environmental requirements in respect of fresh-water consumption, waste water and the quality of the outgoing air. We take these requirements into account in all our production processes.
SIPAPER thus supports the production of graphic paper by means of a unique all-inclusive package for installing, expanding and operating the relevant equipment.
All-round plant design based on the standardized SIPAPER solution is the basis for a transparent and efficient production process without unnecessary interfaces. Our solutions represent many years of experience and match the standard solutions of mechanical engineering.

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