Talon Metering

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Talon Metering

Metering Equipment

Talon offers a unique value to customers. Our Market Builder Incentive Program is the only one of its kind in the meter socket industry. Each year, Talon continually adds new features, such as our combination-head set screw, to make it easier for our customers to install our products. In recent years, we’ve expanded our portfolio to include CT cabinets, temporary (RV) power, and air conditioner disconnects to better serve our customer base.

For more than half a century, Talon has been the market leader in innovation and value for the meter socket industry. From our award-winning lever bypass products to proprietary K base products to innovative temporary power design, Talon is the long-term solution partner for your metering needs.

Latest News

Updated requirement specifications for AEP Metering Equipment

Recently AEP updated their requirement specification mandating that all metering equipment installed in their service territory include a barrel lock provision. Click on the links below for more information.

Talon Pricing

Siemens will be making list price adjustments to Talon Products that will become effective on Sept. 1, 2019. The specific details for these changes will be available through your Net Price Download (NPD) file on Industry Mall.

September 1, 2019: Filtered Table

By opening the filtered table below, a channel partner can view the details of the upcoming September 1, 2019 Price Adjustment.  This table displays all of the active products with a change effective September 1, 2019.  If the applicable product had a list price change, MG3 move, or product category change, it will be displayed within the table.  Apply filters as needed to view the information you desire.

2017 Channel Partner Program

At Siemens, we strive to continually improve the products, service, and value we offer to our distributors and contractors. In keeping with the traditions of exceptional value and unique products & services, Siemens is pleased to announce the Market Builder Channel Partner Program™. This program will recognize and reward those distributors that fully stock and support Siemens. All Siemens channel partners are eligible to participate in the Market Builder Channel Partner Program.

Meter Mounting Equipment

Single Position Metering

These are self contained meter sockets used to hold the watt-hour meter, they provide a standard platform for delivering electricity.

Residential Sockets

  • Top or bottom feed

  • Ring or ring-less

  • Horn bypass

  • 4/5 terminal

  • Single Phase

  • Aluminum or steel

  • 200 AMP

  • 600V AC

  • 1-6 position

  • Barrel lock

Commercial Sockets

  • Top or bottom feed

  • Ring or ring-less

  • Lever bypass (Clamp, non-clamp Jaw)

  • 4/5 terminal (Single phase, 3 wire)

  • 5 terminal ( Three phase, 3 wire)

  • 7 terminal (Three phase, 4 wire)

  • 400AMP

  • 600V AC max

  • 1-6 position

  • Barrel lock

PAK Metering

2 to 6 meter mains housed in 1 enclosure

  • Top or bottom feed

  • Ring or ring-less

  • Lever or horn bypass

  • 4/5 terminal (single phase, 3 wire)

  • 100-225A tenant mains

  • EUSERC specific version available

Transformer Rated

Non Bypass (PTS)

  • Available pre-wired with switch control

  • Socket rated for 20AMP

  • All devices utility specific

Lever Bypass (HQT, HQTS)

  • Available pre-wired with switch control

  • Lever bypass as a standard option

  • Rated for 80AMP

Temporary Power Panels

These are good for construction sites and RV parks or campgrounds. They can be used temporarily or permanently for light, water and television.

Available Configurations

  • Top or bottom feed

  • Ring or ring-less

  • Horn or lever bypass

  • Surface or Pedestal Mount

  • Light kids

  • Photocells

  • Main breaker disconnect

  • Customer colors

Enclosed Receptacles

Used as portable generator connection

  • 30A or 50A

  • NEMA 3R

AC Disconnects

  • 30A or 60A

  • Non-fused (pull out, switch)

  • Fused

  • Plastic or steel

  • GFCI option

CT Cabinets

These are used for metering applications above 400A and/or above 240V (typically specific to each utility

  • Typically used: 600A-2000A

  • Steel or aluminum

  • 1-3 doors

  • Bus Bar type or poly-wood mount

Meter Combos and Mains

Meter combo: load center and meter socket.

Meter main: disconnect and meter socket

  • Top or bottom feed

  • Ring or ring-less

  • Lever or horn bypass

  • 4/5 terminal (single phase, 3 wire)

  • 7 terminal (three phase, 4 wire)

  • Steel enclosure

  • 100-400AMP

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