Temporary Power Outlet Panel Products

The need for easily accessible receptacles to provide electrical power for various types of portable equipment continues to rise as Americans build more homes and travel in recreational vehicles. In order to satisfy the electrical power needs of temporary service and meet the requirements of the National Electrical Code, a safe and reliable power outlet is required.  Murray offers a complete line of UL Listed power outlets suitable for use as temporary service equipment, RV power supply panels. These power outlets are in full compliance wit the 1999 National Electrical Code, articles 305 and 551.

Temporary Service

During the construction process, before the installation of permanent service, the various construction trades need access to electricity. 2002 NEC,. Section 527.3(a) and Section 527.4 (d)

RV Power Supply

Recreational vehicles with portable equipment need a reliable and safe source of AC power when parked.  2002 NEC, Sections 551-71, 81, 46©

All Murray power outlets are 100% factory prewired with copper conductors and include commercial grade receptacles protected by reliable Murray circuit breakers. The devices are a rugged design manufactured with G90 galvanized steel and protected by a fade and scratch-resistant powder coat finish.


  • Rainproof, NEMA Type #R construction

  • Removable deadfronts

  • Theft resistant with padlock provisions and elevated upper deadfront design

  • Meters Top and Bottom, ring and ringless type meter covers available

  • Removable door

  • Overhead/Underground feeds

  • Light Option

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