Safety Switches

Safety Switches @ Siemens with Murray

Siemens offers a wide range of switch products to service the residential, commercial and industrial markets. Safety switches are available in 30-1200A ratings in all enclosure types. The VBII safety switch line is the most up-to-date product available and has set new standards for rugged durability, ease of installation and with a number of unique accessories, provides a level of application flexibility unmatched in the industry. Open type disconnects are available in compact UL508 versions thru 125A and in UL98 fusible versions through 600A. In total, we offer both a high quality and cost effective solution for just about any switch application.


General Duty Switch

We asked contractors for everything they wanted in an enclosed safety switch. Their input helped create the toughest, most reliable, most hassle-free enclosed safety switch in the business - the Murray Type VBII Safety Switch. It’s a switch that’s right for any commercial, industrial or special use application. The Murray Safety Switch line offers a list of important features that gives contractors a competitive edge:

  • Highly visible, easy-to-grip red handle

  • Visible blade construction

  • Door that opens greater than 180º

  • Quick-make, quick-break mechanism

  • All copper current carrying parts on heavy duty switches (except wire grips)

  • Positive two- and three-point mounting


Heavy Duty Switch
  • 30-1200 Amps

  • 240 and 600 Volts AC

  • 250 and 600 Volts DC

  • 100 AlC for general duty switches

  • 200 AlC for heavy duty switches

  • Design E horsepower rated

  • Suitable for use as service equipment

  • Provisions for UL Class T, R, J, L, and H fuses

  • 12X overload rating that exceeds industry standard of 10X

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