Rock Solid Load Center Products

The Murray Rock Solid load centers are engineered to take on the most demanding conditions. Load centers have the following features:

  • Straight-in Wired, Bolt-on Main breaker

  • Convertible from main lug to main breaker and vice-versa

  • Oversized phase, neutral and ground lugs

  • Integral Trim Tabs for easy mounting

  • 100% provision neutral bar

  • Rigid trim with adjustable and embossed ribs for durability

Main Breaker, 1 phase/22,000AIC

Load centers through 225 amp feature a factory bonded ground and neutral bar. For non-service entrance applications, an insulated neutral kit can be installed, or a separate main lug load center and MBK main breaker kit. Load centers have UL recognized short circuit ratings up to 100,000 amps when used with appropriate main or feeder overcurrent devices. Single phase, main breaker load centers are UL Listed for use with 60/75°C conductors and accept Murray branch circuit breakers which are also UL Listed for use with 60/75°C conductors.

Main Lug Only, 1-Phase/65,000AIC

Load centers through 225 amp feature a new split neutral with one bonded and one insulated bar. For service entrance applications, a bonding strap can be installed, or use both bars for neutral and ground conductors. For non service entrance applications, do not install bonding strap and use an insulated bar for neutral conductors and a bonded bar for ground conductors.

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