Metering Products

Residential Meter Socket

Murray brand residential meter sockets are made from type G90 hot-dipped galvanized carbon steel, which provides the best available corrosion protection for commercial applications. A powder coating of polyester paint using an electrostatic process further enhances corrosion protection, and gives a finish, free from drips or runs. Meter sockets have a stainless steel latch and hasp feature. Knockouts are constantly tested in the manufacturing process. For installation near salt water, high-grade aluminum enclosures (painted or unpainted) which resist corrosion are available.

Inside the socket is an extremely strong and durable insulating block which resists breaking during installation.

Customizable Commercial Meter Sockets

The primary commercial-duty meter socket is the type HQ lever bypass block assembly. The HQ block assembly uses a tin-plated copper jaw assembly which is sliver brazed to the cooper connector providing a stable electrical connection. The one-piece shield is made from high-impact Lexan and provides an extra level of safety against phase to phase faults. The HQ bypass is fully rated at 320 amps continuous, and has a 100% rated rotary injection-molded bypass. Single phase devices offer an on-board neutral that runs down the center of the block and an out-board neutral mounted in the enclosure either away or bonded to the block.

Commercial sockets can be customized to fit specifications such as pre-installed lugs and hubs to new enclosures sizes. Other options include the type CQ non clamping jaw bypass.

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