10 Steps to a Successful Migration

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Step 1: Inspect

10 steps to a successful migration

Physically inspect application / machine for fit, networking and function

  • Physically review the system to be migrated

  • Determine the panel space and locale space for mounting an additional panel if required

Step 2: Obtain

10 steps to a successful migration

Obtain a copy of the current documentation for hardware and software

  • Get drawings of the physical application and a copy of the application program

Step 3: Develop

10 steps to a successful migration

Develop the hardware solution

  • Analyze the current I/O and determine if special hardware is being used

  • Cross reference the I/O to appropriate SIMATIC I/O

  • Locate an appropriate Siemens solution for any special hardware being used such as that supplied by AB Encompass partners

  • Choose and configure an appropriate SIMATIC PLC and configure it in TIA Portal

  • If required to connect to a specific network, determine an appropriate gateway or  SIMATIC solution

Step 4: Migrate

10 steps to a successful migration

Migrate control code

  • Migrate the existing AB programs using the TIA Migration Tool

  • In the event that a SIMATIC library function is not available for a specific AB function, create a SIMATIC library function and add it to the SIMATIC AB library

  • Create SIMATIC functions for any new hardware or gateways that will be used

  • Create the Main calling routine(s)

Step 5: Add

10 steps to a successful migration

Add advanced diagnostics

  • Add PROGRAM_ALARM for diagnostic messages to the S7-1500 display and HMI

  • Configure the HMI(s) in TIA Portal

  • Verify the HMI Connection(s)

  • Configure the HMI Tags

  • Configure the HMI Graphics

  • Configure the HMI Alarms

  • Configure the HMI Trending

  • Configure the PLC/HMI security

Step 6: Test

10 steps to a successful migration

Test the application using simulation

  • Test the new configuration using simulation

  • Correct any issues found during simulation

Step 7: Update

10 steps to a successful migration

Update documentation

  • Develop preliminary drawings for the application using the new SIMATIC hardware

  • Develop an operator/maintenance manual for the plant

Step 8: Install

10 steps to a successful migration

Install on-site

  • Take the new system to site and install it

  • Wire the IO using the fastest method possible

  • Adapt the network configuration to the plant network infrastructure used such as that supplied by AB Encompas partners

Step 9: Start

Start up on-site

  • Startup and test the new application

Step 10: Train

10 steps to a successful migration

Train plant personnel

  • Modify and document the updates to the application hardware and software

  • Modify and release the final drawings for the application

  • Archive the application code

  • Get acceptance sign-off from customer

  • Deliver all documentation and drawings to the customer

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