Individual Components

Easy-to-configure, compatible components to enhance your system performance

For plants that want to upgrade individual products, Siemens offers a comprehensive, competitively priced automation portfolio that can be used in your existing system to enhance performance, offering:

  • Easy integration with existing assets

  • Easy-to-configure hardware and software

  • Innovative features to support flexibility and competitiveness

  • Flexibility to support various network protocols, including PROFINET and EtherNet/IP

  • Resolution of maturity/obsolescence issues

Individual Components Code Reading Systems

Code Reading

Individual Components Industrial Communication


Individual Components Controllers


Individual Components Controls


Flexible Reading and Verification
Optical identification systems from Siemens stand for reliable, flexible reading and verification of 1D/2D codes, text recognition (OCR) and object recognition. Use a hand-held codereader, stationary optical reader or verification system and benefit from unique, part-specific identification and documentation, simple integration into your automation systems, and reliable verification.

 Code Reading Systems

For greater company-wide efficiency
Our best-in-class components like SIMATIC NET are based on proven standards, which allow you to implement powerful, integrated data networks that are “future-proof.”  From simple sensor connecting to plant-wide quality and productions data acquisition and transmission - our comprehensive industrial communications solutions allow efficient integration of all company areas into one coherent system.

 Industrial Communication

The right controller for a wide range of automation requirements
The SIMATIC range of controllers comprises of Basic, Advanced, Distributed and Software Controllers offering impressive scalability and integration of their functions. The engineering in the Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal) enables optimum automation solutions to be found for every application.

 SIMATIC Controllers

Simple. Reliable. Fully Integrated into distributed systems
Today's market demands unprecedented efficiency best found in products designed to be flexible and dependable. One true measure of effective industrial performance is the ability of the technology you employ to produce real competitive advantages. With a comprehensive industrial control technology offering, Siemens provides just that at practically every level of your facility.

 Industrial Controls
Individual Components EtherNet/IP Solutions

EtherNet/IP Solutions

Individual Components Extreme Enviornment

Extreme Environment

Individual Components HMI Panels

HMI Panels

Individual Components I/O Systems

I/O Systems

A comprehensive and flexible solution
Siemens has a comprehensive line of products with flexibility to integrate into PROFINET and EtherNet/IP networks. From Distributed I/O, SINAMICS Drives, HMI Hardware & Software, RFID, Networking and Switches, to Cabling, Siemens can supply the entire system. Backed by “Best-in-Class“ features, benefits, and support, Siemens solutions can meet your industrial communication needs!

 EtherNet/IP Solutions

Products for specific requirements
Products and systems for specific markets and extraordinary requirements stand for maximum ruggedness, efficiency and flexibility.

 Extreme Environment Products

Machine-level visualization
At Siemens, we offer “Best-in-Class” HMI Panels and HMI software engineered to meet the increasingly complex visualization needs for today’s technologically advanced machines and systems. We provide a complete, integrated, solution that saves you time and money.  Our HMI Panels are easy-to-use, allow 3rd party connectivity, offer quality and reliability, with outstanding value and performance.


Scalable distributed automation systems
Do your IO Modules need to be as individual as your requirements? SIMATIC ET 200 distributed IO modules are multifunctional, modular and precisely scalable systems.  Our IO Modules are ideal in control cabinets, at the machine, and in hazardous explosive areas. All products within the range can be integrated into your existing automation system via PROFIBUS or PROFINET.

 SIMATIC I/O Systems
Individual Components Industrial PCs

Industrial PCs

Individual Components Integrated Drives

Integrated Drives

Individual Components Motion Control

Motion Control

Individual Components Motors


Powerful. Tough. Reliable.
SIMATIC PC-based Automation is the ideal basis for implementing many different applications efficiently and cost-effectively. With our complete system comprising hardware and software, you can rely on maximum compactness, openness, and performance. In addition to the first TÜV-certified fail-safe software controller for the implementation of safety applications on the PC, it offers numerous highlights.

 SIMATIC PC-based Automaion

A Seamless, Single-Source Solution
Siemens Integrated Drive Systems (IDS) are one-stop drive train solutions that leverage engineering efficiencies to improve performance and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO). To see how IDS can bring unparalleled reliability and availability to your automation environment, simply select your role or find your industry below. You can also browse our entire library of content to get an end-to-end look at the possibilities Integrated Drive Systems offer.

 Integrated Drive Systems

Why Install the Most Advanced Servo Motion Control Product Solutions?
Let Siemens prove it to you. Whether you have a production machine that requires high-precision movement or just simple positioning, Siemens has the widest range of motion control products to meet your needs — from our full machine control system, SIMOTION, to our high-precision drives — highlighted by the SINAMICS S120 — to our high-performance encoders and motors.

 Motion Control Systems

The Electric Motor Family Setting the Pace for  Performance, Quality and Efficiency
SIMOTICS industrial electric motors provide you with the optimum solution for every application.  Backed by 150 years of experience, SIMOTICS motors are unrivaled when it comes to reliability, ruggedness, compactness, efficiency, and performance.

Individual Components Power Supplies

Power Supplies

Individual Components RFID Systems

RFID Systems

Individual Components Safety


Individual Components SCADA


A prescription for reliable power
The most critical component to a healthy bottom line in manufacturing and at the heart of that system is the power supply. SITOP power supplies are installed in nearly every country and used in all types of industrial applications. Over the past 20 years the full suite of power supplies and component parts have proven their reliability and compatibility with companies large and small.

 SITOP Power Supplies

Greater Visibility, Better Control – with SIMATIC RF
Siemens RFID systems open up new possibilities by making your entire production and supply chain visible. You can monitor your material flows at all times. You know exactly what is where and when, you can plan efficiently, and you can modulate your processes precisely.

 RIFD Systems

Save up to 30% in total cost of ownership with integrated machine safety
Take the direct route to optimum machine safety with Safety Integrated, which allows machine manufacturers and system operators to benefit from our pioneering concept. Safety Integrated incorporates safety technology into standard automation, significantly reduces engineering costs, ensures reliable and efficient operation, and enables greater availability.

 Safety Integrated for Factory Automation

More than visualization software
Our comprehensive SIMATIC HMI Software portfolio runs from configuration software to software for machine-oriented visualization to powerful SCADA systems with Plant Intelligence. Our objective for our software development is to make HMI as efficient as possible by making it more flexible, transparent and open.


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