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Our Complete System solutions focus on Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) and the TIA Portal Software.

Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) is an open system architecture that covers the entire production process and provides maximum interoperability across manufacturing automation components. Users report less downtime, better security, improved safety and accelerated application of systems data for rapid response. TIA also minimizes engineering time, reduces cost and boosts flexibility.

With the addition of the TIA Portal Software, users can reduce engineering time by up to 30% while increasing diagnostics transparency, capabilities and speed. The TIA Portal is the key to unlocking the full potential of TIA.

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New Plants

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Machine Builders

Modernize your manufacturing components without sacrificing productivity
You've invested heavily in industrial automation, but legacy components can become an obstacle to growth and operational excellence. When does it make sense to migrate?

 Replacing or retrofitting obsolete/mature products

Expand seamlessly with smarter automation systems for your Digital Enterprise
Plant expansions are opportunities to modernize, but placing different manufactures into your existing process can be tricky. Yes, you want ease-of-use and more functionality, but no one wants unscheduled downtime or a steep learning curve.

 Expansions to an existing process

Build scalable, open systems that will sustain your plant into the future
New plants bring new opportunities. With Siemens as your automation partner, your new plant will be an agile, digitally driven operation that consistently produces competitive advantage.

 Solutions for new plants

Respond rapidly and cost-effectively to market changes by partnering with Siemens
Meeting demands for higher-performance machines while controlling costs can be tough. To fulfill unique client needs while staying competitive, OEMs must harness innovative and cost-effective automation solutions

 Solutions for Machine Builders

Why Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) ?

Complete Systems TIA

TIA optimizes the entire manufacturing process, leading to increased ROI by:

• Improving engineering efficiency for lower design costs
• Minimizing downtime by applying integrated diagnostic functions
• Boosting production flexibility through the use of integrated communication tools
• Enhancing plant and network security through integrated security functions
• Improving safety with technologies that protect personnel, machinery and the environment
• Optimizing data quality with a single, streamlined database
• Improving access to data for smarter decisions
• Simplifying implementation of automation solutions with global standards
• Improving overall performance through the interoperability of system-tested components

Why Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) Portal Software?

Complete Systems TIA Portal

Significant TIA Portal features and benefits that enable you to reduce your engineering time while increasing your level of transparency and diagnostics include:

• Integrated “no-programming” system diagnostics, automatically generated during device configuration
• One common tag database for fewer mistakes
• Ability to create custom libraries to be shared across your corporate servers for easy creation of company standardization for projects
• An overall project management tool that allows for complete system (multiple controllers, HMIs, networks, etc.) to be programmed, monitored, saved and stored all in one software package
• Easy-to-use, intuitive system functions, such as implementation wizards and drag and drop between editors, for fewer clicks and faster engineering
• Additional time-saving functions, such as online/offline comparisons, pictorial system view with online diagnostics, no-PC-required trace functions and the ability to make code modifications while in “run” state without stopping the PLC

How did we calculate the 30% TIA Portal Savings?

We interviewed actual Siemens customers who implemented our TIA Portal engineering framework and asked them  to share their success stories.  View what they had to say.

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