Help your students LEAP ahead

Siemens Lifelong Educational Advantage Program (LEAP) gives your graduates a career-enabling, basic-to-advanced, machine tool knowledge foundation

Industry-leading technology

The SINUMERIK CNC technology platform from Siemens has long dominated the world’s high-end CNC manufacturing tiers. Today, SINUMERIK CNCs are increasingly preferred by employers wanting a competitive advantage—the combination of game-changing machine tool performance with the ability to train employees from basic-to-advanced machining on the same CNC platform.
- One control platform for basic-to-advanced CNC instruction
- The platform most used by high-tech manufacturing
- Backed by the world’s leading motion control company
- Nationwide service, support and training

Prepare students for careers, not just jobs

American manufacturing needs tech school graduates that are better prepared to ascend to high-performance positions: Graduates equipped with a more readily transferrable knowledge base. Graduates that can progress more successfully into advanced CNC positions. Graduates that have been trained on the one CNC technology platform that singularly supports basic-to-advanced machining.
- STEM jobs are growing at 1.7 times the rate of non-STEM jobs*
- Employers need career-ready graduates, not just candidates for basic parts cutting
- Siemens CNC instruction best supports this basic-to-advanced career path
- Siemens offers the instructional content and support your program needs

*Source: U. S. Department of Education, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)

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