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Upgrade your control system network to improve system performance.

APACS+ to Ethernet Networks - The Industrial Ethernet Module (IEM) provides an industrial gateway between your APACS+ MBUS control network to Ethernet. You can securely open your APACS+ network up to your workstation and servers as well as peer-to-peer communication between APACS+ ACM and PCS 7 Controllers.

Modernize your HMI to improve system reliability and performance.

Integrated, Single Vendor APACS+ HMI Solution - Modernize your Operator Station (OS) to Windows or a Virtualized OS architecture online without any interruption to production while still operating your existing legacy HMI system.  PCS 7 APACS+ OS HMI upgrade has helped users extend the life of their installed APACS+ while improving their experience.

Improvements with HMI OS include:

Graphics migrations made easy - Our tool based solution, created by our own Spring House, PA team, can convert your APACS+ legacy graphics (e.g. ProcessSuite/Wonderware, APS) and load them onto the new PCS 7 OS for you. This increases your operator acceptance and lowers transition coast.

Expand and meet your new control needs with an integrated solution

Stepwise controller migration option: Integrated Solution - PCS 7 configuration tools are included in the PCS 7 APACS+ OS software solution. PCS 7 and APACS+ controllers talk peer-to-peer and the operators see a common HMI interface thus supporting a phased modernization.

Enhance your control system while leveraging your existing APACS+ approach

APACS+ MTA termination migration to PCS 7 IO - A universal cable with perfect connection to your APACS+ MTA's, field cutover in seconds to new IO. Our MTA cable is offered in 3,8,15 and 30 meter lengths with a perfectly matched connection to your MTA and the option for direct connection or via terminal strips (with fusing) to your new PCS 7 IO card.

4-Mation Code Conversion Tools - The AS Migration Studio captures and documents your 4-mation code, including soft list parameters. This saves time and money while reducing risk as you modernize to PCS 7. The tool performs analysis of your 4-mation and provides an optimized fit into PCS 7 Control Module Types (CMT), which are flexible library tools to build your new configuration.

Video - Trident Automation and Marquis Energy

Watch Trident Automation and Marquis Energy discuss modernizing their current APACS+ system to PCS 7 for the largest dry mill ethanol facility in the USA with a production capacity exceeding 300 million gallons per year

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