Simulator Systems

World-class simulation systems available for training or purchase.

Simulator Systems

Simulated Learning

Engineered to provide real-world experience, Siemens simulators are fully functional, ready-to-use systems available in formats ranging from simple PLCSIM to fully integrated motion control systems. System-level design makes the simulators an invaluable tool for program testing and debugging, reinforcing shop floor troubleshooting and more. With portable construction, rugged mounting and hard-shell cases, they can be easily transported. Custom designed systems to meet your specific needs are also available.

Additional simulator system investment value include:
- Skill testing & job progression
- Instrumentation test & calibration
- Back-up spare parts
- On-the-Job Training
- HMI Screen development
- System integration testing
- Network testing

For additional details and pricing, please call 1-800-333-7421 or email:

Automation Systems

  • S7-1200 Simulator System

  • S7 PLCSIM Software

  • S7 Discrete Simulator Module

  • Field Device Simulator Panel

  • Conveyor Belt Model / Conveyor Belt Model Cable

  • ET200S Remote I/O Module

  • S7300 Simulator System

  • S7300 Simulator System / TP170b Operator Panel (Optional)

  • S7400 Simulator System

  • S7200 Simulator System

Drives & Motion Systems

  • MicroMaster 420 Drive System / MicroMaster 440 Drive System / PROFIBUS Interface (optional)


  • SINAMICS G120 Drive System / SINAMICS G120 PN-F Drive System

  • SINAMICS S120 Single Axis Simulator System / Line (Power) Adaptor

  • SINAMICS S120 Simulator 2 Axis / Line (Power) Adaptor

  • Asynchronous Motor ASM Training Case

  • AOP30 Panel

  • SIMOTION-D Simulator System / Line (Power) Adaptor

  • SIMOTION D Conversion Kit / Control Module hanger

  • SIMODRIVE 611U Simulator System

  • MasterDrive 6SE70 CUVC

  • MasterDrive 6SE70 CUMC

Machine Tools

  • SINUMERIK 840D Power Line Simulator w/ HMI Advanced System

  • SINUMERIK 840D Solution Line Simulator w/ HMI Advanced -or- HMI Operate

  • SINUMERIK 840D Solution Line Simulator w/ HMI Advanced -or- HMI Operate

Networking Systems

  • ASI Interface Simulator System

  • PROFIBUS Simulator System