Remote Learning Options

Bringing the knowledge you need, where and when you need it.

Online Learning Options

                                                                                                                                                                                                     Remote Learning
Siemens online courses are designed to support your learning needs at three major levels:

  • Training Preparation – courses designed to prepare people new to Siemens technologies or new to automation systems to get the most from their classroom training experience.

  • Core Training – courses designed to provide a solid foundation of core skills and knowledge.

  • Advanced Training – courses designed for the experienced student to help refine skills in programming, configuration or related tasks.

Courses are scheduled in morning sessions or in the afternoons to best accommodate your needs. Custom schedule times and course agendas are also available for company-specific groups. Let us set up courses that meet your specific needs and leverage the value and convenience of our proven online teaching approach.

Click here for a complete listing of course titles, detailed course descriptions, schedules and enrollment information.

Online quickSTEP Learning

Siemens would like to help jump start your learning with our quickSTEP courses at no charge! These online, quickSTEP courses are an offering of 23 web-based or downloadable PDF courses intended to help those new to industrial technologies. This self-study curriculum includes introductory, "basics of" courses for motors, controls, power distribution and introductory electricity. quickSTEP courses are great for educators, new hires or those in factory support roles.

Self-paced Learning

Online, Self-paced training is a comprehensive library of over 600 web-based, industrial training courses. This library provides an exceptional source for core knowledge and skill building focused on the needs of industry. Courses include a broad range of subjects delivered in a focused, modular approach accessible to the students 24/7. Explore this impressive resource and build a course selection customized to your needs!

Virtual Instructor-led Learning

Our Virtual Instructor-led Learning courses give students a live, classroom experience with the convenience and cost savings of remote learning. These courses provide hands-on instruction and live interaction delivered in the comfort of your office or home.

Virtual Instructor-led courses help build critical skills and knowledge and are ideal preparation for our classroom courses.

Virtual learning benefits

  • Access from any location

  • Led by experienced instructors with proven materials

  • Administered with world class, cloud-based software and simulation technologies

  • Standard, tailored or custom course options

  • Eliminates travel time and expenses

Classroom Learning Options