SITRAIN Certification Program

Building competence for success.

Certified Competence - Worldwide


Shorter innovation cycles combined with market pressures on productivity, cost and quality make highly skilled staff a necessity. SITRAIN offers training backed by certifications which enable the efficient use of Siemens automation technologies, their installation and effective rectification of faults that occur. 

Having the relevant expertise is an essential prerequisite for self-confident and effective action, which leads to shorter commissioning times, lower maintenance expenditures, minimized downtime and much more. Siemens Certification program provide an assurance of staff skills and capabilities with your automated systems.

Relevant expertise is an essential prerequisite for self-confident and effective action, which leads to shorter commissioning times, lower maintenance costs and minimized downtime.

Certification Program Benefits


Benefits for employers:

  • DIN EN ISO 9001 based standardized evaluations

  • Globally consistent, specialist skills validated through certification

  • Lower costs through improved efficiencies

  • Flexible and confident workforce

Benefit for participants:

  • Proven competence

  • Globally recognized credentials

  • Comprehensive skill set definition

  • Reinforces the most efficient tools, methods and best practices

Certification Programs

  • Siemens Certified Programmer - SIMATIC S7 with STEP7 v5

  • Siemens Certified Programmer - SIMATIC S7 with TIA Portal

  • Coming soon: - Siemens Certified SIMATIC PCS7 Engineer

Certification Skills Summary

  • Structure and create S7 programs utilizing complex data types, multi-instance block functionality, and indirect addressing

  • Program quickly, efficiently, and safely with SIMATIC STEP7

  • Efficiently program CPU resources, communications, data passing, and integrated diagnostics

  • Design program structures for Totally Integrated Automation projects

Certification Requirements

The certification exams require the following classes to be taken before testing:

  • Siemens Certified Programmer:  S7 TIA Programming 1, 2 and 3

Classes are 4.5 days in length. The Certification Test has an 8 hour max but should take 4-5 hours to complete.

The TIA Plant model includes a SIMATIC S7-1500, distributed I/O, HMI touch panel, and SINAMICS G120 drive.

Once received, the Siemens certification is valid for 3 years. Renewal requires recertification. Documentation received includes a uniform global certificate and exam results specifying performance.

Getting Started

Getting started with the Siemens Certification program is easy.  Simply attend the specified courses for the desired certification path.  Once complete we recommend you build applied experience on your application and have ready access to STEP 7 software for reviewing and reinforcing the subjects covered in the training courses.  Continued review of the course materials and repetitive practice with the course lab exercises is critical to a successful passing grade of the certification exam.

An optional Refresher course is available should your attendance at the training courses have occurred in the significant past or if you feel the necessity for a focused briefing prior to the testing.

The testing is a combination of written test plus practical (hands-on) with the S7 simulator systems.

Certification Steps:

  1. Find the classes which fulfills your training requirements

  2. Enroll and attend the classes

  3. Sign up and attend the optional Refresher course

  4. Sign up for the certification exam

  5. Get certified!

Disclaimer of Liability

Certified status is an indicator that an individual has completed a combination of defined education and examination requirements. However, certification is not a guarantee or assurance of the competence or ability of any particular individual. Further, given the rapid changes in the field, Siemens cannot warrant that the examination and other certification materials will at all times reflect the individual’s participants installed systems and application specifics.

In conducting the certification program, including issuing certifications, Siemens is not undertaking to render professional or other services for or on behalf of any person or entity, nor is Siemens undertaking to perform any duty owed by any person or entity to someone else.  Anyone using the services of an individual who has been certified should rely on his or her own independent judgment or, as appropriate, seek the advice of a competent professional in determining the exercise of reasonable care in any given circumstances.

Siemens disclaims any and all liability for damages or losses of any kind of nature to person(s) or property, including, but not limited to, direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or punitive damages, attorneys’ fees or costs, resulting from the acts or omissions of any individual who has been certified by Siemens.