Support and Consulting Services

Face the future with confidence.

Changes come quickly. New technology constantly impacts your industry and plant floor. To keep your people and equipment on pace with production goals, you may need advice. Whether it’s answering a simple question or resolving a complex situation, Siemens has you covered.

Siemens Support and Consulting Services provide clear answers to questions regarding installation, operation, and troubleshooting issues. From  Siemens industrial online support website, to on-call technical specialists, we have multiple levels of consultation. We are also here around the clock to lend guidance whenever you may need it.

What is it?

What is it?

What will it do for me?

What will it do for me?

Our Support and Consulting Services offer you direct access to technical specialists. They understand the design and operation of Siemens products and application in industrial processes. Each service is designed to keep you, your team, and your system operating to the fullest.

Choose the level of service you need to match your requirements and stay within your budget.

-Online support website allows you to find your own answers before contacting a technical support specialist

-Technical support sessions via telephone or remote access offer more in-depth troubleshooting and analysis; you can choose from a variety of fee-based services to meet the availability and response time you need

-Dedicated support specialists provide a single point of contact for your site, ensuring maximum efficiency whey you call for assistance

-Remote diagnostic support services give you the option to diagnose and support your operations via secure connection, eliminating the need and expense for a service technician to visit your location

Our Support and Consulting Services give you more than answers. By ensuring comprehensive, stress-free, technical assistance, our services increase your equipment’s level of productivity and extend your budget by avoiding costly downtime and emergency repairs.

You and your team can have confidence with:

-Basic Support at no charge

-7/24/365 Industry Customer Care Center gets you to the right person faster

-Expert analysis to maintain highest availability

-Predictable costs and budgeting

-Direct access to technical experts

-Expert analysis of systems

-Remote diagnostic support

-Fast commissioning

-Reduced engineering costs

Give me specifics

Give me specifics.

Online Support Services

Siemens Industry Online Support (SIOS) allows easy and convenient access to the answers you need. Using our online system, you can:

-Receive self-help answers to common questions

-Participate in discussions with other users and share experiences

-Gain access to FAQs, manuals, certifications, and application examples

-Submit your Support Request online and track the status of your request

There is also an app version of SIOS available for smartphone and tablets.

 Visit Siemens Industry Online Support (SIOS) Siemens Industry Online Support App


Technical Support Services

Here’s something that you might not know. Siemens automation and drive technology includes comprehensive, Basic Support at no charge. That’s the peace of mind few companies are willing to offer. We also offer several fee-based enhancements to our Basic Support for faster response time, increased availability, and to resolve more complex questions.

Basic Technical Support — provides free of charge, one-hour support on basic operation, installation, and troubleshooting issues

Priority M-F, 8-5 Support — minimizes your wait time during normal business hours

Priority 24/7/365 Support — provides around the clock support to also include nights, holidays, and weekends

Mature Product Support — extends Basic Support for cancelled and discontinued products

Extended Support — is purchased when your questions cannot be answered using our complimentary Basic Support. Extended Support is available during normal business hours

Personal Contact — is a dedicated specialist who acts as a support advocate. Our contact visits your site and becomes familiar with your application, installed equipment, and support team

Technical Account Liaison — is a single point of contact for Basic Support. Our contact, available during normal business hours, is familiar with your site and staff

SIMATIC Remote Services— provide secure access to your system without the expense of traveling to your site; real-time troubleshooting and diagnosis is shared with your external and in-house experts in an online dialogue to identify problems and share knowledge

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