Service Programs and Agreements

Avoid downtime, lower costs, and get a good night’s sleep.

Confidence. That’s one of the many benefits from a Siemens SIEPRO® Technical Service Agreement. SIEPRO® allows you to plan in advance. You choose proactive services that reduce risk of downtime, stabilizing your operations and budget.

It’s designed for you. A SIEPRO® service agreement allows you to create a flexible service package, tailored to your needs. You choose the level of service that best complements your equipment, processes, and existing capabilities. With planned, scheduled service, you have the confidence that equipment runs as planned.

What's New?

What is it?

What is it?

What will it do for me?

What will it do for me?

A SIEPRO® Technical Service Agreement bundles a wide range of services into a single, annual agreement. It’s flexible and tailored to your needs.

Here’s how it works.

1. We take the time to understand your equipment, how you use it, and what existing maintenance resources you have in place.

2. Then, we create a flexible service package based upon:

-The level of support you need

-Optional services you choose to meet specific demands

-The payment plan option you select

With a SIEPRO® agreement, you have the support of the industry’s leading service team standing behind you.

Your customized SIEPRO® agreement gives you:

-Planned, reliable service from factory-trained service engineers and quick spare parts response times

-Forward-looking maintenance that identifies and reduces future risk

-Stable pricing/budgeting through fixed service prices and predictable maintenance costs

-Maximum uptime through guaranteed response times and preventive maintenance programs

-Ability to maintain peak performance of covered equipment and increase overall equipment effectiveness

-Minimal field service calls

Give me specifics

Give me specifics.

Your TSA bundles services into a single, annual or multi-year agreement to help you maximize productivity with predictable costs.

Pre-defined packages include:

-SIEPRO TSA for Machine Tools

-SIEPRO TSA for Medium Voltage Drives

-SIEPRO TSA for Integrated Drive Systems

-Lifecycle Service Contracts – PCS 7 Systems

-Power Distribution Service Agreements for Industrial Customers

Customized service agreements are also available.  Our technical support team can help you plan the right service strategy matched to your production, equipment, resources and budget.  The following service options can be bundled into a technical contract just for you.

-Support and Consulting Services

-Training Services

-Plant Data Services

-Spare Parts Services

-Repair Services

-Field and Maintenance Services

-Retrofit and Modernization Services

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