Retrofit and Modernization Services

Upgrade, migrate and modernize with Siemens latest technology.

Can we make your existing equipment as good as new? We can come very close, and usually improve it with Siemens latest technologies. Retrofitting or modernizing an aging system can quickly improve its productivity, cut soaring maintenance costs and greatly extend its lifecycle.

Upgrading to new “state-of-the-art” equipment on existing machines is an attractive alternative to purchasing new equipment. Our Retrofit and Modernization Services allow you to upgrade, saving money and maximizing your overall capital budget. And as an added benefit, they allow your staff to continue working on the equipment they are familiar with.

What's new?

What is it?

What is it?

What will it do for me?

What will it do for me?

Siemens Retrofit and Modernization Services upgrade existing equipment with the latest Siemens technologies. We smoothly integrate the latest drive, motor, and/or controller technologies into legacy systems, the equipment that your operators are familiar with and work on every day. We offer Retrofit and Modernization for Siemens equipment as well as equipment from other manufacturers.

That equipment includes:

-Automated Control Systems

-AC and DC Drive Systems

-Integrated Drive Systems

-Low and Medium Voltage Motors

-Machine Tool Systems

Our Retrofit and Modernization Services provide many benefits including but not limited to:

-Saving money — retrofitting costs are far less than buying new equipment

-Maintaining staff efficiency and effectiveness — your staff continue using equipment they are comfortable with

-Improving plant optimization efforts — your plant has higher productivity and lower maintenance costs

-Extending equipment lifecycle and value — smoothly integrate drive, motor, and/or controller upgrades into equipment, empowering workers and equipment to be more productive

For PC-based control systems, we help optimize the use of existing hardware and make it easier to maintain and keep installed software up-to-date. Another benefit for PCS 7 users is system virtualization, which simplifies overall system management by reducing PC hardware requirements and minimizing the frequency and impact of operating system and hardware changes.

Give me specifics

Give me specifics

Retrofit Services

Retrofit Services safely and reliably replace aging equipment or systems with modern, cutting-edge products. We can retrofit variable-speed drives with a frequency converter for previously installed motors, replace DC motors with contemporary AC motors, and migrate to gearless drives. We offer this service for our own Siemens products as well as many other manufacturers, too.  All of these options lower operating costs by cutting energy consumption and help to optimize your processes. Thanks to the potential savings of energy, your retrofit investment usually pays off within a few months.

Our primary goal is to smoothly integrate the advantages of modern, upgraded technology into your existing system, without making you purchase a new one.

You should consider Retrofit and Modernization Services when you need to:

-Optimize an existing drive system

-Restore the functionality of defective units

-Incorporate “state-of-the-art” technology into individual machines

 Learn more about Drive train retrofit services

Virtualization Services

Virtualization allows multiple, PC-based control systems to operate in parallel on a single PC, instead of requiring separate hardware for each control system. For PCS 7 users, virtualization authorizes access to clients at multiple levels in your organization. These levels include your main control room, higher-level regional and district control rooms, and at on-site touch panels.

SIMATIC Software Platform as a Service

SIMATIC Software Platform as a Service provides a cloud-based SIMATIC software engineering environment. Our platform hosts pre-installed and pre-configured SIMATIC engineering software, offering a wide range of virtual
machines and corresponding service packages.  With the virtual IT environment, you can implement SIMATIC Software migration and upgrades from a central location and with no installation required!

Software Management Services

With the Software Update Service (SUS), you automatically receive all version updates of your SIMATIC industrial software at your desk. You only need a valid license for the latest available version.

As a result, you can:

-Ensure you have the latest software and updates

-Take full advantage of improvements and innovations made to Siemens products

-Plan your budget effectively with an annual flat rate