Industrial Repair Services

Industrial repair and emergency services for Siemens and many other manufacturers.

It happens to everyone. Equipment goes down. Parts wear out. Disaster strikes. When the unthinkable happens, corrective repair is urgently required to get your plant and system back up and running. We have you covered.

Siemens offers complete industrial repair services – on-site, and within a network of repair centers. Our repair services cover automation systems, drives, motors, motion control and more.  While your own, trained staff can make many corrective repairs, if you find yourself faced with more complex problems, Siemens is the only call you’ll need to make. There is nothing better than a specialist on-site or in our factory-repair centers to bring your plant back to life.

We also offer technical emergency services worldwide. The repair services include all measures necessary to quickly restore the functionality of defective units – including warranty repair and advanced exchanges.

You can rely on Siemens to provide professional expert assistance all day, every day. We can often respond even faster – and at a better price – than local resources. For maximum protection against high outage costs in the event of a fault, look no further.

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Motor Repairs

Power cell upgrades

What is it?

What is it?

What will it do for me?

What will it do for me?

Repair Services provides specialized repairs to a wide range of equipment, either at your site or at our certified repair centers. And we go a step farther. We provide an accurate analysis of which components went down, what needs replacement, and costs involved. Whether it’s equipment from Siemens or other manufacturers, we can repair it. So, when unexpected events occur, you can recover quickly.

Before a repair takes place, we disassemble the equipment and provide a comprehensive report on its condition, the extent of parts to be re-used, refurbished or replaced, and an estimate of the time and cost to perform the repair.

Our Repair Services reduce downtime and restore products to original factory specifications. Almost any piece of equipment within your plant can be repaired quickly and professionally, including:

-Automated Control Systems

-Motion control and CNC Systems

-AC and DC Drive Systems

-Low and Medium Voltage Drives (Circuit Breakers)

-Air, Oil, and SF6 Breakers

-Power Transformers

-Motors and Generators

-Low and Medium Voltage Motor-starters and MCCs

-Cables and Bus Duct

-Network Protectors

You will have peace of mind knowing that:

-Repairs are backed by a full OEM warranty on work performed and on most components and assemblies repaired by our well-trained specialists

-Siemens-approved replacement parts optimize quality and improve safety

-Fast and efficient corrective repairs minimize outage costs

-Need for expensive and time-consuming internal staff training is reduced

Give me specifics

Give me specifics.

With Siemens Repair Services, you have options. We can repair equipment on the floor or at one of our 10 regional repair centers.

On-call Field Repair Services
Our experienced technicians are on-call, and can be on-site when and where you need them. With guaranteed response times, our repair technicians arrive at your plant, ready to solve the problem. You can rely on Siemens experts to be there whenever you need them, 24/7, all year long.

Repair Center Services
To quickly process your repair order, Siemens owns and operates 10 regional repair facilities. We also have a network of certified partners that provide local repair support throughout the United States. Our technicians bring your equipment back to original factory specifications using the latest repair technologies and with Siemens-certified spare parts. You can rely on our network of experts to repair virtually every type of electronic and electromechanical equipment used in your industry. For extended repairs, we have equipment exchange options, including advanced exchanges, to keep your production on schedule.

For safe delivery of equipment to and from our repair center, Siemens offers turnkey services that include the safe removal, preparation, and return of all equipment.

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