Process Safety Consulting

Enabling operational performance by making risk visible

Process safety is the foundation to ensuring safer operations.

In the process industries it is not uncommon to find hazardous processes. These hazards may arise from the chemicals being processed or, the process itself may be hazardous - involving high pressures, temperatures or exothermic reactions.
Any of these hazards, if not properly addressed, could lead to fatalities. When dealing with hazardous processes the safety of personnel, plant equipment and the environment are of utmost importance but it is also paramount that the systems put in place to ensure safety do not themselves compromise the production process.

With Siemens Process Safety Consulting, we create value and empower business performance, allowing you to achieve the highest safety standard possible. Our comprehensive safety portfolio includes industry-leading software solutions PSAIM™, PSPPM™,  UltraPIPE®, PSCM™ and OGM™ that ensures existing risks are recognized in advance and, where necessary, reduced as quickly as possible and within compliance. We combine that with professional service support and expertise to reliably define suitable safety measures and quickly implement them.  We are, and will continue to be, the leader, trusted partner and advisor of choice in understanding your needs for safe, cost-effective and reliable processes in process safety.

What is it?

Pressure Relief

Asset Integrity

Pressure relief and disposal systems serve as a critical piece of your facility’s safety system and are the last line of defense against catastrophic equipment failures. With constant changes in a facility each year from safety initiatives or capital projects to changing corporate, local, or federal regulations or acquisitions can make it difficult to keep your relief system documentation up-to-date.

Siemens relief and disposal system consultants are experts in pressure relief analysis standards and guidelines such as OSHA 1910.119 (d), API 520, API 521, API 2000 and are contributing members for many API standards and recommended practices.

Process Safety Pressure Protection Manager™ (PSPPM™)

PSPPM™ is an enterprise-level process safety application used by oil and gas, refining and chemical process industries for data management, documentation, design and rating of pressure relief and disposal systems in accordance with industry standards and methodologies. PSPPM offers users a process safety information management system with over 40 calculation methods that can be used for relief device sizing; flare header analysis and maintaining evergreen data throughout the plant lifecycle. PSPPM serves as a corporate standard for many oil and gas companies worldwide, a key indication of how our software is differentiated in the market.

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Relief and Disposal System Services

Pressure relief system changes become more complex to track with increasing corporate safety initiatives, acquisitions and capital projects. Understanding how these changes impact your relief and disposal system can be difficult. Our patented methodology examines the relief devices, calculations and capacity, and in turn we deliver to you a detailed action plan outlining next steps to address these risks or deficiencies.

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Process Hazard and Risk Assessment Services

Process Hazard Analyses (PHAs) are part of most operators’ process safety programs and project requirement and are a best practice throughout the world as a cornerstone of process safety, even when they are not mandated by law.

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Closely monitoring and managing the health and remaining life of production assets is critical to the operation of any process facility.  Failure to do so may expose your operation to equipment failure, repairs, scrapped inventory, costly downtime, and severe environmental and regulatory fines. The goal of asset integrity management is to maintain assets in a fit-for-service condition while also extending remaining life in the most reliable, safe and cost effective manner.

PS Asset Integrity Manager® (PSAIM™)
PSAIM™ software is an industry leading inspection data management system software for safety critical equipment, corrosion monitoring, inspection planning and scheduling, and remaining life calculation applications.

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Ultra Plant Inspection of Piping and Equipment™ (UltraPIPE®)
software is utilized in over 500 facilities across 40 countries, making it the most widely used inspection data management systems (IDMS) in the world. More than a simple corrosion monitoring program, this powerful software tool enables operators to input, organize, analyze and document thickness inspection data.

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Mechanical Integrity Services
Mechanical Integrity Services help customers who are looking to become more strategic and proactive in assessing the condition of process equipment. Whether you’re optimizing operations with gap analyses, implementing an inspection data management system (IDMS) or simply building a foundation for accurate, accessible process safety information (PSI), Siemens mechanical integrity services are designed with flexibility in mind.

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Management of Change

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Process Engineering & Conceptual Design

In a time of increased reporting, heightened regulatory scrutiny and stricter compliance mandates, managing critical change in your plant is, to say the least, complicated. Inaccurate, inaccessible or out of date information can drive up costs and impact safety and performance. Management of Change (MOC) provides a clear, auditable trail that drives strict accountability and maximum efficiency, helps minimize cost and gain certainty that potential risks from process or plant modification are addressed.

PS Change Manager® (PSCM™)
This easy-to-use, web-based system is equipped with step-by-step data entry procedures that walk you through the MOC approval process. Preset approval requirements make sure each phase of your MOC process is implemented.  PS Change Manager can be implemented as a tailored or out of the box solution depending on your plant needs.

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Management of Change Services
Establishing a systematic Management of Change process requires experts who understand the complex operations of your plant.  Turn to Siemens for a best practice approach and solution for implementing an electronic Management of Change system.

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Transitioning field development projects from early conceptual work through the engineering, procurement and construction phases demands agility, reliability and predictability.  Developing complete technical definition, as well as capital and operating cost projections,  early in the process offers the greatest influence on project outcomes by providing the critical insight required to balance uncertainty and risk against potential benefits.

Oil and Gas Manager™ (OGM™)
OGM is an integrated design solution that improves reliability, optimizes performance and reduces cost and cycle time during the concept appraisal and selection phases for process industries.  With OGM, you can make objective development and concept selection decisions with absolute confidence.

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Our Process Safety Management training courses offer focused learning on Siemens software products and best practice exchange led by experts in process safety, mechanical integrity and conceptual design. Course participants simulate "real-world" situations and learn troubleshooting and programming techniques to improve confidence, efficiency and positively contribute to company goals. Siemens provides options of general admission training or onsite training at your company’s facility.

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