Digital Services

Your equipment has a lot to tell you.

Digital Services can create new insights from the masses of complex data produced by your machines and production. Failures can be detected before they happen, and new ways to optimize performance can be identified.  You’ll learn where energy is wasted and how much you can save. You’ll understand how your equipment wears so you can make corrections sooner and avoid downtime.

What is it?

What is it?

What will it do for me?

What will it do for me?

Simply put, Plant Data Services uses production data and asset analytics to create the most important report you will want to read.

Here’s how it works:

-Energy, production, and equipment data from your plant is collected and transferred via secure connection to the Siemens Operations Center

-Data is compiled and stored securely

-Data is processed using data analytics and applying expert knowledge

-Reports and intelligent dashboards tell your plant’s story

Digital Services gives you more control over your equipment's future by having a clear vision of the present. More control, less surprises. It's that simple. You can monitor the condition of your equipment and detect faults before they occur, reducing downtime and unexpected repairs.

Additional benefits include:

-Preventing progressive asset damage through early fault detection

-Optimizing energy performance

-Reducing overall operating costs

-Mastering asset uptime

-Maximizing process efficiency

Give me specifics

Give me specifics.

MindSphere - the cloud-based, open IoT system from Siemens

Combines device management, easy connectivity, the necessary data storage and the associated infrastructure for virtualized data management that can be deployed very quickly. Siemens' services include data recording, transmission, and safe storage, and offer the framework for a development environment in which applications can be created swiftly.

With MindSphere, you will:

-Turn production data into competitive advantage while protecting your intellectual property

-Reduce the complexity of connecting Siemens and third-party products using one common platform and an open connectivity standard (OPC)

-Leverage know-how of machine builders and Siemens to predict machine failures and improve the availability of your production

-Enjoy low cost of entry into the MindSphere with a convenient and transparent, pay-per-use pricing model

 Learn more about MindSphere

Energy Analytics

Empower yourself with knowledge and smart data, allowing you to take immediate action to implement specific energy savings of 5-10%.

With Energy Analytics, you will:

-Know the energy consumers in your plant and optimize energy performance

-Receive recommendations from Siemens energy experts for your production planning and maintenance scheduling

-Monitor energy trends and track improvement measures with web-based dashboards and secure automated reports that can be customized down to the cost center, line or equipment level.

 Learn more about Energy Analytics services

Machine Tool Analytics

With real-time condition monitoring, Machine Tool Analytics help you improve the availability and reliability of your machine tools.

As a result, you can:

-Lower the risk of failure with early information on necessary maintenance measures

-Receive recommendations from Siemens asset experts that save maintenance budgets and reduce the total cost of ownership

-Gain 24/7 access via web portal to insights, early warnings, suggested actions, and historical reports on asset performance

 Learn more about Machine Tool Analytics services

Drive Train Analytics

Using vibration measurement and online data collection, Drive Train Analytics help ensure early identification of mechanical faults in all components of the drive train – often months in advance.

Drive Train Analytics allow you to:

-Monitor changes in the operating status of gearboxes and motors, making it possible to take corrective actions to avoid costly plant downtimes and production outages

-Utilize Siemens asset experts to analyze the relevant data of the drive train components together with other process parameters (i.e., temperature or torque) for improved servicing intervals and reduced maintenance costs

-Avoid progressive damage with early stage alerts and warnings which can be accessed via a secure web portal or sent to you by email and SMS text message

 Learn more about Drive Train Analytics services

Industrial Network Analytics

You can take concrete measures to avoid industrial network failure and optimize performance.

With Industrial Network Analytics, you will:

-Secure network performance, and identify areas of underperformance and stability issues

-Safeguard production ramp-up and flexible network modifications while also reducing maintenance costs

-Grain continuous network transparency, allowing you to quickly make decisions about network configuration and firmware status, through online monitoring and reporting of network characteristics

Process Data Analytics

You can automatically monitor control performance over the lifecycle of a control loop. For the process industry, control performance is vital to help reach production quality and targets. Our Control Performance Analytics provides full automation of data collection and analytics. It reports reliable performance results on a regular basis via a secure web portal.

Additional benefits include:

-Automated data acquisition and analytics of PCS 7 control loop data, enabling increased availability and optimized process operations

-Ability to reach productivity and efficiency targets through data transparency, allowing you to detect areas for improvement and process fine-tuning

-Access to Siemens control loop experts, who analyze the data and provide recommendations that enhance your existing expertise without adding staff or training

Industrial Security Services

Take a proactive approach to defending your industrial control systems against cyber threats. Automation, connectivity, and transparency are great. They increase efficiency and productivity, but, there’s a downside. Connectivity opens you up to threats from cyber hackers – who might be inside or outside your organization.

You can relax. Siemens has your back. Here’s how we work:

-Our experts study your current security posture, identifying potential risks and vulnerabilities through technical evaluation and threat analysis

-We implement all identified measures to mitigate risk by training your employees, deploying new technology, enhancing security processes, and establishing new security guidelines

-The Siemens Cyber Security Operations Center (CSOC) provides continuous updates and comprehensive monitoring to adapt quickly to changing threats and to provide a transparent view of your plant’s security status

 Learn more about Industrial Security Services