Field and Maintenance Services

Expert on-site services get you back on line, and fast.

Some repairs and service work are unavoidable. But, they don’t have to slow you down. With Siemens Field and Maintenance Services, you have the processes and expertise in place and on site, to keep you up and running.

It’s a unique level of service, obtainable only from an OEM, your best choice for long-term support. It provides a highly trained Field Service Engineer on site. As the on-site representative of our business, the Field Service Engineer is key to the success of the Siemens service support team. Each is fully backed by the engineering support group and design teams in our service sites.

What is it?

What is it?

What will it do for me?

What will it do for me?

Siemens Field and Maintenance Services team consists of highly-trained and experienced engineers who are available to inspect, test, and service your plant’s equipment and systems.

Our field and emergency services provide you with fast response, expert troubleshooting and repairs for unexpected events. It’s the best of proactive and reactive maintenance. Preventive maintenance service provides a long-term solution to extend service life, bring a proactive strategy to plant maintenance and detect faults before they can trigger costly failures.

Like all Siemens Services, our Field and Maintenance options give you flexibility. Choose your plan based upon the lifecycle of your equipment and frequency of support.

Available Expertise:

-Supervision of full installation of new or relocated equipment

-Short or long-term operation and maintenance services

-Routine service work for all scheduled inspections

-Speed of response through local service personnel

-Emergency, on-call services available 24/7, 365 days a year

-All of our work is covered by OEM warranties

With Field and Maintenance Services, you can remain confident that your equipment will continue performing at optimal levels. If your system goes down or production changes, our reliable services will quickly resolve your issue.

Among the many benefits, you can:

-Use maintenance staff more effectively

-Achieve greater impact with maintenance budgets

-Increase equipment reliability and availability

-Extend equipment life

-Improve energy efficiency

Give me specifics

Give me specifics.

Start-up, Commissioning, and Performance Inspection 

Your operating requirements include complex, multi-vendor, and multi-product solutions. Components are often manufactured in several locations and then shipped, assembled and tested in another area. Even with careful factory testing, final commissioning can occur only at your site. This is because the new equipment must be compatible with your existing system. As commissioning specialists, we verify proper and safe operation before launching your system.

-Verify that your system and components conform to design drawings

-Detect any shipping damage or abnormalities

-Inspect and conduct functional testing of your new equipment on-site after installation

Maintenance Services

We work closely with you, anticipate potential maintenance requirements, and plan time and cost-effective ways to implement them. One of our major service goals is to keep your downtime and related loss of productivity at a minimum. Rather than wait for complications to occur, from the smallest defects to a catastrophic shutdown, we act preemptively to prevent them from happening.

-Unplanned outages are avoided

-Greater flexibility in scheduling repairs

-Reduced plant maintenance costs and better budgeting

-Keep your team focused on your core competency

Embedded Engineer

You have a full-time, on-site Siemens field service representative acting as an extension of your team to:

-Perform preventive maintenance, upgrades, repairs, and troubleshooting

-Ensure that Siemens technologies perform at optimal levels

Field Service Block of Hours

Provides flexible scheduling of a field service engineer or technician to keep your equipment performing at optimal levels. You can purchase increments of 40-hour blocks and from there after, blocks of eight hours.

Emergency Support

Provides 24/7 backup to any unforeseen event. Our engineers and technicians are on-call to respond immediately.