A New Way of Motion

Easy to program, system simulation, integrated safety and built-in diagnostics

To compete in a global market, machine builders must deliver high-performance machines that are faster, more automated and more flexible – while meeting specific customer requirements and keeping design costs in check. Siemens' new way of motion control offers innovation with an unprecedented level of integration for a sustainable competitive advantage.

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Our fastest controller for automation
The SIMATIC S7-1500 significantly increases performance with a fast backplane bus, PROFINET interface, and shortest reaction times.  The SIMATIC S7-1500 is available in standard, failsafe, technology and technology failsafe


Dependability and flexibility with unmatched performance
Featuring a modular design for highly-scalable solutions, SINAMICS S210 single positioning and S120 modular servo drives provide one platform across the complete range, providing power, performance, and compatibility with the widest spectrum of motor types.


The Optimal Motion Control Motor Solution for Every Application
Customers give us many reasons why our systems are right for them. They describe the highly dynamic positioning, precise motion sequences, excellent dynamics, compact design, and operating efficiency of our extensive range of motor products for motion control and machine tool applications. With a wide array of performance classes and installation sizes, we have the right motor for you.


HMI machine based - perfect for harsh industrial environments
We offer basic panels with excellent price-performance ratio for simple visualization tasks and high-performance comfort devices with high convenience for demanding visualization tasks

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TIA Portal

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Reduce your engineering time by up to 30%
The Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) Portal is a single engineering framework that integrates all important components (e.g. safety, security, control, HMI, drives, switchgear, decentralized peripherals, motion control, power distribution) into one programming tool.

 One Engineering Framework - TIA Portal

One system, one engineering tool and one network for standard and failsafe automation
Safety Integrated incorporates safety technology into standard automation, significantly reduces engineering costs, ensures reliable and efficient operation and enables greater availability.

 Safety Integrated

Fast and simple machine and plant diagnostics
Using automatic code generation and graphic monitoring display with machine and plant diagnostic

 Diagnostics without Programming

Simulation tools (PLCSIM) – all built in
The early detection and elimination of programming errors allow you to accelerate your commissioning time and increase program quality.  Experience seamless integration of application code into "real" hardware.

 Integrated Simulation with PLCSIM

New Way of Motion Workshops

To compete in a global market, machine builders must deliver high performance machines that are faster, more automated and more flexible - while meeting specific customer requirements and keeping design costs in check. Siemens New Way of Motion Control offers the innovation, including an unprecedented level of integration, necessary for a sustainable competitive advantage.

Experience the tools and technology first hand
You'll work live online with the TIA Portal- a single engineering framework for controllers, distributed I/O, HMI, drives, motion control, and motor management to provide unparalleled performance and results.

Target Audience
Machine Builders and users interested in innovating motion and safety solutions

What will you learn? This workshop will focus on the easy and efficient new solution we offer for motion control applications and is based on the SIMATIC S7-1500 Technology Controllers and the SINAMICS S210 servo drives.

Participants of the workshop will...
- Graphically configure the drives, HMI, and motion controller with TIA Portal in simulation mode and also with hardware.
- Drag and Drop solutions from gearing to kinematic motion control with Technology Objects.
- Utilize trace functionality to validate and troubleshoot motion logic.