Siemens Answers with SIMOTION IT Web Server -  Browser-based Remote Industrial Motion Control

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Like every modern enterprise, manufacturing customers and machine builders rise or fall based on the interactive relationship between two asset classes: people and machines. Productivity is determined by how well these two groups work together, with modern communication technology bridging the gap.

In more specific terms — to achieve best-in-class productivity — management, engineers, operators, maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) technicians need to be able to monitor equipment operation, access key parameters, and control equipment down to the individual machine axis, if necessary.

Since these enterprises exist in the real world where personnel can’t always be at their machine’s human machine interface (HMI), employees and OEMs need to be able to monitor, access, and control equipment from any location, regardless of motor or drive platform, using any Internet-enabled device, and without expensive engineering software that adds costs and licensing headaches to the equation. This is the Siemens promise of modern manufacturing fulfilled by the combination of intelligent automation equipment and Ethernet.

This is the real definition of manufacturing productivity.

This is exactly what Siemens has delivered by adding web servers to its SIMOTION line of motion controllers.

Did someone say FREE?

The web server interface is now provided to SIMOTION customers free of charge!

Benefits of Integrated Web Server technology to the Machine Operator

  • Operator no longer required to be physically present at the machine's location

  • Flexible monitoring and interface from any web browser, including PDA or mobile phone

  • Remote diagnostics, alarm response and operational control

  • No Siemens software required

Benefits of Integrated Web Server to the Machine Builder

  • Ability to perform firmware updates and complete project updates without the necessity of an on-site engineer

  • Enables cost-effective, long-term maintenance and service contracts via remote monitoring and troubleshooting

  • Allows unique design insight based upon actual performance and usage of the equipment rather than estimated workloads and planned procedures


  • Secure Socket Layer protocol (SSL) encrypted data

  • The use of smart routers allows VPN access and separates shop from office IT networks

  • Page-specific access security