Siemens Answers with SIMOTION SCOUT Motion Control
Engineering Software

The SCOUT motion control software system provides a wide variety of preprogrammed functions or you can create your own. This requires powerful tools, which are easy to use while providing optimum support for the required engineering steps.

SCOUT motion control software is the engineering environment for SIMOTION motion control applications. As a component of Totally Integrated Automation, SCOUT is integrated in the SIMATIC landscape.

SCOUT offers the following advantages:

  • Comprehensive, function-based view of your automation task

  • Optimum user-friendliness

  • Centralized data and program administration, even in distributed systems

  • Function-oriented, technological project structure with filterable views

  • Object-oriented environment for highly structured programming

The spectrum of SIMOTION applications ranges from a simple, single-axis application to sophisticated multi-axis machines. SCOUT therefore provides customer-tailored views for each task and can be supplemented with additional tools (for example, a tool for the graphics-based generation of cams).

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  • Assembling of all necessary components (drives, I/O, etc.)

  • Determination of the communication method

One of the first engineering steps to define the automation topology and assign parameters to the components and networks is to create:

  • Hardware configuration

  • Network configuration

SCOUT uses the STEP 7 tools HW-Config and NetPro. You make selections from a hardware catalog to combine all the required hardware components graphically in the work area, assign parameters, and create bus connections between the elements. You are warned immediately of any illegal inputs, so only valid configurations may be generated.