Siemens Answers with SIMOTION Universal Runtime Motion Control Software


With SIMOTION, Siemens has created a universal motion control software platform for industry-specific automation solutions focused on motion control applications. The scalable system features enable you to economically customize and implement your applications.

Modular SIMOTION runtime software is comprised of three key components:


This is the operating system of the SIMOTION device that contains the basic functionality and is included in all of the SIMOTION devices. This includes I/O handling, communications functions, and a high-performance speed control. In addition to these core functions, the SIMOTION kernel has a powerful execution system that is capable of managing cyclic, sequential, and event-driven tasks.

The task structure of the execution system supports both motion control and PLC / sequential tasks that can be programmed using editors compliant with today's industry standards for logic and motion programming (e.g., IEC61131-6, PLC Open).

Technology Packages

These are individually-loaded software modules that allow the functionality of SIMOTION to be scaled to meet the needs of your application.  Technology packages are software modules that contain core functions utilized in SIMOTION.  

For example, the basic SIMOTION functionality, logic control, and speed control are contained in the "Motion Control Basic" Technology Package.  

Additional Technology Packages, like Position, Gear, Cam, Interpolation, or Temperature Control can be downloaded into the SIMOTION device allowing the user to design the most cost-effective application solution..

SIMOTION Function Library

This library contains standard software modules for integrating / interfacing SIMOTION with different devices. Together with the user program, these software components provide an optimum solution, tailored exactly to the requirements of the application.

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