Siemens Answers with SIMOTION C: Complete Controller-Based Machine Control Hardware Platform

Siemens’ SIMOTION C motion controller features four onboard ports for analog drive control and supports control of up to 32 electric, stepper and hydraulic axes. 

Two versions of the Motion Controller are available — SIMOTION C240 DP and SIMOTION C240 PN. 

These two versions have the same PLC and motion control performance. They are, however, equipped with different interfaces.

The C240 DP comprises four interfaces onboard for analog, hydraulic and stepper drives.

The C240 PN is instead equipped with PROFINET to interface with high speed distributed IO.

In addition, both controllers are equipped with several digital inputs and outputs as well as two PROFIBUS  interfaces including PROFIdrive and an Industrial Ethernet interface for communication. Due to its available analog interface and compact design, SIMOTION C is the ideal motion control solution for retrofits. Some of the benefits of this SIMOTION platform include the following:


  • Digital and analog connection of servo drives

  • High-speed analog and digital I/Os.

  • SCOUT software for motion control, technological functions (safety, web server, hydraulic, stepper, temperature, process elements, PID, interpolation and robotics), logic control, and drive control 
(servo and vector) for the entire machine

  • Four onboard ports (C240 DP), including analog drive control (four drives, expandable), stepper drives, hydraulic axis control

  • 18 DI, including six for high-speed measuring inputs; eight DO to support output cams 
(PLS, measuring inputs)

  • Remote periphery and digital drives connected via PROFIBUS and PROFINET; onboard Ethernet for connection to HMIs, engineering PCs, higher level data collection systems (MES) and third-party hardware (TCP/IP, UDP, OPC, OPC XML)

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