Siemens Answers with SIMOTION's Seamless Integration into Your Entire Plant Infrastructure

Modern machines place the highest demands on automation and drive technology. Innovative technologies are required in order to continually increase and optimize productivity. Further, there is a clear trend towards flexible, modular concepts as well as state-of-the-art solutions for service, maintenance, and connection to supervisory control systems.

The demand for low engineering and operating costs makes it imperative to have seamless and integrated automation concepts – from the field up to the company supervisory level. With SIMOTION, SINAMICS S120 drive system and PROFINET, Siemens offers the perfect basis to reliably fulfill these requirements.

Safety Integration

With trends moving towards increasingly complex and modular machines, safety functions are being transitioned more and more from traditional isolated safety solutions to integrated solutions in controllers and drives. These integrated safety functions allow highly effective operator and machine protection with flexible monitoring and the execution of stop reactions.

  • The standard safety functionality enables autonomous safety-related stop reactions like Safe-Torque Off (STO), and Safe-Stop 1 (SS1)

  • The extended safety functions Safe-Operating-Stop (SOS), Safe-Limited-Speed (SLS) and Safe-Stop 2 (SS2) include monitoring functions that can be used in your application for customized reactions to safety events, including synchronized stopping of multiple axis while meeting industry safety standards.

More information on Safety Integrated for SINAMICS drives


Integration with Other Devices

SIMOTION is an integral part of Totally Integrated Automation (TIA). With TIA, Siemens offers a seamless, integrated solution of hardware and software to implement customer-specific, automation requirements.  This includes integrated data management, engineering, and communications to achieve reduced engineering costs and increase transparency across all levels of your application from the field level through the production control level up to the company’s enterprise level. The backbone of the Totally Integrated Automation concept is our Ethernet based field bus PROFINET, which provides a common interface between PLC, Motion controller, I/O, HMI and Safety, all over a single cable.


Enterprise Level Integration

Using standard Ethernet interfaces at the production level, integration to the MES level is even easier. Now, standard Internet security solutions such as VPN, SSL encryption, and granular access privileges make Wide Area Network (WAN) access more powerful and secure than ever before.