Siemens Answers with SIMOTION easyProject: the Motion Control Integrated Project Generator

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Included on the free SIMOTION Utilities & Applications DVD supplied with SIMOTION SCOUT Engineering Software, SIMOTION easyProject allows you to quickly and conveniently integrate basic functions, which are required in every SIMOTION application, into an existing or new project. The requested components and functions are selected and configured via dialogs. Thus, time-consuming programming is no longer required, a consistent and standardized project setup is ensured, and the number of possible errors reduced.

Basic Functions

Basic functionalities provided via the Project Generator and can be used in almost every SIMOTION application. Examples include:

Icon - Message Handling

Message Handling
Central error message handling of all components (chronological collecting and merging of system, TO, drive, peripheral and user messages) including archiving and display on a visualization system (HMI) or via web browser

Icon - OMAC

Operating mode management system

Icon - Startup Check

Startup Check
Startup check of all connected components (informs about the condition of the devices configured at the various fieldbuses with respect to internal connections)

Icon - Ethernet

Ethernet Communication
Machine-to-machine connection via Ethernet communication using TCP/IP

Icon - Axis Function block

Axis Function Block
Convenient activation of Motion-Control basic function (including cam disk synchronization) via a central (generic) axis function block with simplified interface, including HTML axis control panel

Modular Machine Functions (equipment modules)

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easyProject supports the modularization of machine functions using so-called equipment modules, which are particularly widespread in the packaging machine industry.


  • Getting quickly to the project
    Creation of a loadable and executable SIMOTION SCOUT project including the requested machine functions without having to write a single program code line

  • Maintenance-friendly 

    Consistent project structure and automatic updating of machine functions used in the project

  • Open for extensions
Possibility to integrate user-defined blocks and mechatronic modules and adjust existing ones

  • Web-based diagnosis
Creation of specific web sites for specific machine functions. This allows performing commissioning and specific service tasks via a standard web browser – without using an engineering system

  • Modular machine functions 

    Consistent and uniform machine structures through the modularization of machine functions with functional units according to the international standard ISA-88

Video - Automatically Generating SIMOTION Projects with easyProject

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