Siemens Answers with Advanced Automation and Motion Control Solutions for Textile Machines

Everyday life in the textile industry, with its short-lived trends, intense competition, and enormous cost pressure, places special demands for the manufacturer of textile machines. Siemens helps OEMs succeed with customized, pre-engineered solutions and proven products that are innovative, flexible and high performing, yet surprisingly cost-effective.

Reasons to Choose Siemens for Textiles

Dedicated Experience and Success
With OEMs throughout the global textiles industry

Complete Single-Source Solution
With Totally Integrated Automation - from the automation and drive system through project execution, coordination, configuration, building, and commissioning

Maximizing Production / Minimizing Downtime
Through responsive service and worldwide, 24-hour technical support

Cost Savings in Configuration and Commissioning
Using pre-tested standardized engineering packages built specifically for textiles

Minimal Space Requirements and Reduced Number of Components
With compact converter and dual-axis modules through multi-axis control


The Right Products - The Comprehensive Portfolio from Siemens

As the leading global system supplier, Siemens addresses the complete range of machines for textile machine solutions, with a complete portfolio for automation and drives technology. As a machine builder, you can depend on the latest state-of the-art technology, customized functions and outstanding quality with Siemens products, systems and services. For instance, our mechatronically optimized machine concepts ensure a high degree of flexibility, increased cycle rates, shorter changeover times and reduced maintenance costs..

SIMATIC Automation Solutions

From PLCs to HMI to cables, Siemens has the complete range of integrated, globally leading products to meet every textile machine challenge. In addition to perfect interaction, Siemens components set themselves apart through the use of well-proven communication standards such as PROFIBUS and PROFINET as well as EtherNet/IP and other protocols.

Most Commonly-Used Automation Products for Textile Applications


From shaft-turners to heavy-horsepower to multi-axis servos, Siemens has the world’s broadest spectrum of drive products to meet every printing machine challenge. Notable for reliability and performance, Siemens drives also provide flexibility, ease-of-use and integrated safety features.

Most Commonly-Used Drive Products for Textile Applications

SIMOTION Motion Control

SIMOTION ensures the most precise and dynamic motion control of drives. The ideal solution for basic applications as well as precise synchronization of multiple drive axes SIMOTION is available in three


When it comes to dynamic performance and precision, SIMOTICS motors are optimally adapted to Siemens SINAMICS drives to ensure that your machine performs reliably in-line with specified performance criteria.
The compact SIMOTICS M-1PH8 main motors or SIMOTICS S-1FK7 servomotors are especially well suited for textile applications. The compact and rugged SIMOTICS T-1FW3 torque motors are perfect for direct drives with high precision.

Encoders are already integrated into all SIMOTICS motors. Further, they fulfill all of the requirements for use as Safety Integrated components.

Most Commonly-Used Motors for Textile Applications