Automation for Printing Press Applications - Advanced Controller, Motion Control, Drive and Motor Solutions

As technology leader in automation, Siemens continues to drive innovation for printing machines, whether it involves open-­loop and closed-­loop control, commanding and signaling, or evaluating and responding: With a comprehensive range of products and systems, Siemens develops and supplies optimum solutions to address all printing industry requirements – all from a single source.

SIMOTION Print Standard - example function modules

Compensation for varying cylinder sizes found in gravure and flexo printing

Plate change on-the-fly

Printing Solutions USB Stick

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Multiple virtual master synchronization

Cylinder positioning

Full web compensation

Integrated register control

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Products Featured


Printing on corrugated material: accurate, reliable and flexible solutions with SINAMICS and SIMOTION

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SIMOTION Motion Control

• Application Flexibility
• Production Efficiency
Energy Efficiency

How much ink is being used, how high is the solvent concentration – and how can printing ink
management be automated and integrated in the production process (MES)? Introducing SIMOTION SIWAREX CS - flexible weighing system for printing machines

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Ink Management

SIMOTION D Drive-Based Motion Control

Integrated Automation
• Reduced Commissioning/Setup Time
• Optimized Maintenance

Higher flexo-print quality when using direct drives: SIMOTICS T torque motors directly drive the central cylinder

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SIMOTICS T 1FW3 / 1FW6 Torque

• Finished Product Quality
• Improved Dynamics
• Manufacturing Precision