The most advanced motion control, automation, motor and drive solutions for plastics processing machinery

With decades of experience in plastics automation all over the world, Siemens delivers significant value to OEMs and end-users. We can help optimize your machine control using globally-proven and accepted technology - automation, motor, drive, and motion control technology - that has been created specifically for plastics machinery. Siemens will also help set your machine apart in the marketplace with innovative solutions for the industry’s toughest challenges.

The future of plastics is digital

Manufacturers large and small are aware that digitalization continues to drive every industry forward, making the American landscape increasingly competitive. Plastics industry is no exception, as digital solutions are essential to increase productivity, efficiency, speed, and quality, resulting in higher competitiveness. For companies on their way to digitalization, Siemens enables them to transform into digital enterprises – from taking the first step to configuring a complete solution for the plastics business.

Plastics modular software library

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Complete hardware/software Integration for extrusion

Siemens offers high-performance visualization and control systems for extrusion machines. If the software for controlling and operating all the different parts of the plant around the extruder is already integrated, you can also operate downstream equipment, sensors for product testing, melt pumps and dosing devices using just one controller. You benefit from an extruder solution that can be adapted very easily to specific production requirements.

EXT 1500 – The complete extrusion system package

Optimized for use on large-format visualization systems, starting with the 12" TP 1200 Comfort Panel. Depending on the configuration limits, an S7-1513 can already be used as the CPU.


• Preconfigured drive control for up to 6 drives

• Online parameter assignment and address assignment

• Limit values for target and actual speed, current and torque

• Motor potentiometer

• Pressure control

• Trend display with archive

• Collective speed adjustment for groups of drives - synchronous and asynchronous

• 32 temperature control channels (up to 128 channels possible) can be configured as heating or cooling controllers

• Self-adjustment of all control parameters

• Synchronization of coupled control zones during heating and self-adjustment

• Monitoring functions of actual value and control circuit

• Grouping of zones of one unit (e.g. extruder or head)

• Time switch enabling input of heating point and cold-start function, for example

Example solution EXT 1500 for extrusion machines

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This is a preconfigured solution to help automate an extruder faster and more efficiently. The EXT 1500 modular and open application solution is based on the tried-and-tested SIMATIC S7-300 hardware. The primary benefits are maximum openness, modularity and high performance.


  • Easy Operation
    through clear user interfaces and large TFT touch panel (can be combined with technology-specific operator panel)

  • Cost Savings
    thanks to a complete solution for extrusion machines comprising a largely factory-fitted software package and modular hardware

  • Flexibility and Expandability
    based on the global industrial standards SIMATIC S7 and Totally Integrated Automation

  • Increasing Cost-Efficiency
    thanks to integrated economy functions in the temperature control system