The most advanced motion control, automation, motor and drive solutions for plastics processing machinery

With decades of experience in plastics automation all over the world, Siemens delivers significant value to OEMs and end-users. We can help optimize your machine control using globally-proven and accepted technology - automation, motor, drive, and motion control technology - that has been created specifically for plastics machinery. Siemens will also help set your machine apart in the marketplace with innovative solutions for the industry’s toughest challenges.

The future of plastics is digital

Manufacturers large and small are aware that digitalization continues to drive every industry forward, making the American landscape increasingly competitive. Plastics industry is no exception, as digital solutions are essential to increase productivity, efficiency, speed, and quality, resulting in higher competitiveness. For companies on their way to digitalization, Siemens enables them to transform into digital enterprises – from taking the first step to configuring a complete solution for the plastics business.

Plastics modular software library

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Why Should You Choose Siemens for Plastics Machines?

  • Take advantage of global support for engineering and field service

  • Reduce engineering time with pre-engineered solutions

  • Use less cabinet space with modular components and distributed buses

  • Increase machine flexibility through open-code software applications

  • Minimize your engineering and training costs

  • Retrofitting? Take advantage of Siemens' dedicated experience with all plastics machines

Example: Advanced Extruder Technology

See how a premiere Georgia-based developer of thermo plastic elastomer (TPE) products for extrusion turned to Siemens automation and drives to enable construction of a smaller, more efficient line of testing equipment.

The Right Solutions

Siemens solutions for plastics machines address the challenges of every machine manufacturer, including achieving competitive advantages through faster machines, increasing flexibility through simple retooling and reducing down time.

The Right Products

From controllers to motor and drive technology, Siemens provides every automation product needed to build or upgrade your plastics machines.


Control your entire production machine with a motion system that is drive-based, PC-based or PLC-based and can easily automate the most complex equipment.





Notable for reliability and performance, Siemens motion control drives also provide flexibility, ease-of-use and integrated safety features.


High-Performance Motors for Motion Control

A broad spectrum of powerful and compact motors specifically for motion control applications.


Safety Integrated Technology

When it comes to the safety of your machine operators, Siemens has the solutions to keep them out of harm's way. From light sensors and area sensors to bus solutions for E-Stop buttons and other indicators, Siemens has Integrated Safety Solutions for the most demanding plastics applications. And by integrating safety in drive technology, it simplifies the system, requiring fewer components, and saving engineering and wiring costs..

Integrated Safety Solutions