Siemens Answers with the Right Material Handling Solutions for Every Industry and Application

Material Handling could be considered a simple term for a fairly sophisticated set of applications. Regardless of the level of intricacy the ultimate goal is to move a physical object from point A to point B.  All Material handling systems must overcome the following challenges: Reliability, Predictability, Compactness and Flexibility. Here are ways Siemens is addressing each of these:

Compact removable memory cards make hardware field replacement easy.  No need for a laptop or expensive technician to get back up and running

SINAMICS offers a single commissioning tool to unlock the widest range of applications: from basic roller tracks up to multi-axis high-bay racking units

Modular and machine mountable drive variants offer high power and drive density in a small footprint

SINAMICS drives incorporate common PLC functions for both logic and position control right at the drive, Capable and intelligent drives with fast response time increase accuracy

The interoperation of machine handling units is therefore becoming more and more important. Even in the primary and secondary processes, handling modules are being increasingly implemented in the form of industrial robots or as integral handling solutions.

The advantage is clear: The machine and material handling functions can be controlled with a single system. Siemens provides innovative answers to new hardware and software requirements with control and drive systems, assuring highest product quality and maximum productivity, even with short product changeover cycles. The results are more efficient and more versatile production processes.


Advantages for the Conveyor System Builder

Conveyor Technology

  •  Field-tested and extensive portfolio comprising standard products as well as customized systems and services

  • Intelligent tools to support engineering, selecting and dimensioning components - for energy efficient systems, parameterizing, programming and commissioning

  • Standardization and modularization of components for conveyor and warehouse systems, with standard interfaces or energy bus systems for distributed plant concepts – also featuring higher degrees of protection

  • Unique system and sector competence, as well as market leadership with continually-innovated  technologies - guaranteeing a maximum degree of investment security for the future

Advantages for the End Customer

  • A complete product portfolio for efficient conveyor-related applications and systems - from geared motors, through motor starters and drives, identification systems and switchgear, tied together through advanced automation

  • Straightforward commissioning so that your plant or system ramps up smoothly

  • Lower installation and commissioning costs, as well as increased flexibility and system availability

  • Easily and quickly expandable and replaceable systems and devices ensures minimum downtimes and retrofit times

  • Outstanding availability through high product quality and comprehensive diagnostics for preventive maintenance

  • High energy-saving potential as a result of energy-efficient motors, motor starters, soft starters, and drives, as well as our power management system based on SIMATIC PCS 7, SIMATIC WinCC and multi-function measuring devices

Everything Needed for Your Conveyor System - from a Single Source

From geared conveyor motors to logic controllers and sensors - for every task and every sector - Siemens offers all drive and automation components for advanced conveyor technology. . We will be more than happy to support you in the planning, design and commissioning of complete systems.

Our comprehensive product portfolio for the conveyor technology opens you new efficiency potentials:


SIMOGEAR Geared Motors

SIMOTICS Low Voltage Motors

SIMOTICS Servo Motors


SINAMICS V20 for Basic Applications

SINAMICS G110D v/hz Distributed Drive

SINAMICS G120 Vector Drive

SINAMICS G120C Compact Vector Drive

SINAMICS G120D Vector Distributed Drive

SINAMICS S120 High Performance Servo Drive

Motor Starters

SIMATIC ET 200S Distributed IO

SIMATIC ET 200pro Modular and Multifunctional Distributed I/O System with Degree of Protection IP65/67

SIRIUS M200D Motor Starters

SIRIUS MCU Motor Starters for Distributed Installation

ECOFAST Motor Starters

PLCs, Periphery, Software

SIMATIC Controllers

SIMATIC ET 200 Distributed IO

SIMATIC Software

SIMATIC Technology





Identification Systems


Code Reading


Position Switches

Safety Technology

Safety Integrated

Power Distribution

Switchboards, Busway, Panelboards, Circuit Protection, etc.

Application Examples

– Drive Solution for Storage and Retrieval Systems

– Electric Monorail Systems with Vertical Adjustable Conveyor

– Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS)