Siemens Answers with Pacesetting Motion Control Solutions for Metal Forming Applications

For decades, all over the world, Siemens has been the preferred solution provider for metal forming, particularly in relation to safety-relevant tasks. Incorporating the SIMOTION innovative motion control system, Siemens metalforming solutions are designed to reduce the engineering time required for implementation with pre-engineered standard functions.

Siemens provides a unique and comprehensive range of products for metal forming using servo, large and universal presses, as well as for edge trimming and retrofit. Siemens products, systems and services give you the latest technology, tailor-made functionalities, and outstanding quality.


Servo Press Solutions

When combined with diverse tools, a servo press offers a broad range of applications for cutting, stamping, and forming small to medium-sized parts. With a servo press, the slide motion can be increased or slowed to any degree by varying the motor speed. Therefore, the press cycle of a servo press can be individually controlled and flexibly adapted to many different requirements. These servo press features yield greater product quality, enhanced productivity, and increased ease of use.

Siemens automation solutions provide you with the following benefits for your servo press

  • High performance
    by means of a scalable and variable quantity framework of drive axle

  • Protection and monitoring functions
    emphasizing tool protection and press force monitoring

  • Flexible production
    derived from automatic calculation of energy-optimized motion for the press ram

SIMOTION SimoPress Servo Functionality

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The SIMOTION SimoPress Server solution combines the flexibility of hydraulic presses with the speed of mechanical presses, with maximum energy efficiency.

Covering all essential features for a servo press, together with SIMOTION SimoTrans, SIMOTION SimoFeed and SIMOTION SimoRoll solutions, SimoPress Servo provides a complete press package, enabling the entire press shop to react with increased flexibility, profitability, and productivity within changing production requirements.

Energy Management

For the connected power of a servo press to be at the level of a comparable conventional press, modularly constructed capacitor modules or kinetic energy storage units are used for storing energy.

  • Configurable energy import thanks to SINAMICS ALM technology and intelligent energy management

  • Reduced energy consumption in comparison to a conventional press.

Optimized Movements

The functionality in SIMOTION SimoPress Servo calculates a movement profile from press parameters and the drive train (SINAMICS and torque motor), which gets the optimum out of the press in terms of time and energy.

  • Significantly more strokes per minute 
    at the same or reduced draw speed

  • Increased profitability
    through reduced stroke costs (cost per unit)

  • Automatic calculation
    of an energy-optimized movement for the press slide

  • Simple generation of the slide kinematics
    by entering: Working range (start, finish) Draw speed Number of strokes Standstill at bottom dead center

  • Pendulum stroke

  • Handwheel operation 
    for tryout operation