Siemens Answers with Pacesetting Motion Control Solutions for Metal Forming Applications

For decades, all over the world, Siemens has been the preferred solution provider for metal forming, particularly in relation to safety-relevant tasks. Incorporating the SIMOTION innovative motion control system, Siemens metalforming solutions are designed to reduce the engineering time required for implementation with pre-engineered standard functions.

Siemens provides a unique and comprehensive range of products for metal forming using servo, large and universal presses, as well as for edge trimming and retrofit. Siemens products, systems and services give you the latest technology, tailor-made functionalities, and outstanding quality.


Constantly changing market and competitive situations pressure companies into offering a wider range of products. This means faster product and tool change with shorter machine setup times. For transfer presses and press lines with complex handling apparatus, such as in the automotive industry, short machine setup times and fast transitions to production mean significant cost benefits.

Metal Press Line Simulation

In addition, there is always the demand for as high a stroke rate as possible and a high level of plant availability in order to achieve the maximum output of parts.

Simulation Solution from Siemens

The entire press process is simulated offline with PLS press simulation, and with the same parameters as the real presses. The final result of the simulation can then be taken over 1:1 in the real press.


SIMOTION has the information about the motion curves. PLS reads this curve data from the controller and links it to the current simulation scenario. These motion curves are displayed immediately to the operator who can then make optimizations. The changed data is then transferred back to SIMOTION and the motion response of the real press is adapted accordingly to the changes made. This technology forms the basis for development of a complete virtual commissioning of the press.


  • The press can be set up on the computer without any danger of collision

  • Reduced cost of the test operation - such as when optimizing a new tool

  • Data provided regarding the maximum stroke rate for the specified tool and sheet metal - for some press types the control software of the press manufacturer is also integrated


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Saving time on the way to the optimum multi-stage press - thanks to Press Line Simulation and SIMOTION Motion Control System .

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