Siemens Answers with Pacesetting Motion Control Solutions for Metal Forming Applications

For decades, all over the world, Siemens has been the preferred solution provider for metal forming, particularly in relation to safety-relevant tasks. Incorporating the SIMOTION innovative motion control system, Siemens metalforming solutions are designed to reduce the engineering time required for implementation with pre-engineered standard functions.

Siemens provides a unique and comprehensive range of products for metal forming using servo, large and universal presses, as well as for edge trimming and retrofit. Siemens products, systems and services give you the latest technology, tailor-made functionalities, and outstanding quality.


Mechanical Universal Press Illustration

Because they must be suitable for cutting and forming, mechanical universal presses are distinguished by their high degree of flexibility. Combined with single follow-on cutting and composite tools, small to medium-sized parts can be produced.

An optimal automation solution for a mechanical press should protect the high-quality tool while documenting relevant production parameters.

Since boards can be inserted manually accommodating smaller batch sizes, one of the highest safety categories (EN61508 SIL 3) applies to mechanical presses- protecting both man and machine. Therefore, mechanical presses require a robust master safety control system.

Siemens Automation Solutions for the Mechanical Press Offer these Functionalities

  • High performance
    resulting from a scalable and variable quantity framework of drive axles

  • Protection and monitoring functions
    that emphasize on tool protection and press force monitoring

  • Flexible production
    derived from automatic calculation of energy-optimized motion for the press ram

Conventional Mechanical Press

Conventional mechanical universal presses generally work in automatic continuous stroke operation. The main press drive (DC or AC motor) is coupled to the eccentric with a flywheel via a coupling/brake combination and to the press slide via the eccentric rod. To keep the drop in speed that results from the forming process as low as possible, the required energy is stored as kinetic energy in a flywheel via the main drive.

SIMOTION SimoPress Functionality

Process (logic), motion, and technology functions merge seamlessly when you use the SIMOTION SimoPress solution for mechanical presses. Benefit from finished, fully documented, and pre-tested press functions for main drive controller, cam control, tool protection, and press force monitoring. Finished operating screens for ProTool/Pro or WinCC, flexibly save time and money in engineering for mechanical presses.

Benefits include

  • Main drive controller with specification of stroke rate and ramp-up time

  • Positioning of the main drive for lift height adjustment or tool change

  • Cam control with dynamic braking angle calculation for OT stop

  • Path-path and path-time cams with and without dynamic displacement

  • Process monitoring such as tool protection and press force monitoring

  • Static and dynamic position and feed control and frame counter

  • Management of tool and machine data

  • Operating mode selection

  • Example project - fully documented and previously tested

Example Solution for Mechanical Press

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This features a preconfigured solution that will enable mechanical presses to be automated and driven simply and efficiently.