Siemens Answers with Pacesetting Motion Control Solutions for Metal Forming Applications

For decades, all over the world, Siemens has been the preferred solution provider for metal forming, particularly in relation to safety-relevant tasks. Incorporating the SIMOTION innovative motion control system, Siemens metalforming solutions are designed to reduce the engineering time required for implementation with pre-engineered standard functions.

Siemens provides a unique and comprehensive range of products for metal forming using servo, large and universal presses, as well as for edge trimming and retrofit. Siemens products, systems and services give you the latest technology, tailor-made functionalities, and outstanding quality.


The Right Solutions for Metalforming

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Pre-engineered, SIMOTION-based press solutions provide great improvements in safety, power consumption, flexibility, and productivity for metalforming machines. Below is an overview of solutions - for more details, select a tab from the menu above.

Metalforming - Press Feeder Solution

Streamline press-to-press automation with feeders

Metalforming - Hydraulic Press Solution

Increase hydraulic press cost efficiency and production flexibility

Metalforming - Mechanical Press Solution

The solution for mechanical universal presses

With the SIMOTION SimoFeed function, achieve flexible production sequences and simultaneously reduce production downtime. This can be achieved only with highly dynamic motion control, which also reduces maintenance cycles by ensuring gentle material handling.

The SIMOTION motion control system is the best possible automation and drive technology solution in a complex hydraulic press. Ideally suited for use with modular machines, SIMOTION is open and modular in structure, combines all the necessary elements of overall machine control, such as motion control, PLC functionality, and technological functions.

In addition to easily combining with logic, motion and technological functions, the SIMOTION SimoPress solution offers complete, fully documented and pre-tested press functions for main drive control, cam control, die protection, and press force monitoring. The solution offers flexible operating screens for WinCC to keep engineering overhead as low as possible, and can be used on any platform.

Metalforming - Servo Press Solution

SIMOTION SimoPress Servo
Address all needs for servo presses

Metalforming - Roller Feed Solution

Maximize Roll Feed systems

Metalforming - Electronic Transfer Solution

The solution for electronic transfer

On a servo metalforming press, the main drive (servo torque motor) is connected directly to the crank shaft of the press, without a flywheel or clutch. The motion of the ram can be accelerated and decelerated as desired by varying the speed of the motor. The stroke rates can be individually and precisely programmed by an automatically calculated movement profile. This enables the press cycle to be individually controlled, and adapted flexibly to the widest range of tool and/or work piece requirements.

The SIMOTION SimoRoll application stands out due to its material-friendly motion control, by the use of particularly favorable jerk and shock characteristics. This can only be achieved when motion sequences with high dynamic response are applied to avoid unnecessary production downtimes.

Meeting all requirements for machine- and workplace-friendly motion control, the platform-independent SIMOTION SimoTrans ensures that adjustments to mechanical conditions are implemented smoothly. The solution can be used as a stand-alone application or in combination with the SIMOTION SimoPress and SIMOTION SimoRoll applications.

Metalforming Solutions at your Fingertips

The Right Products for Metalforming


Control your entire production machine with a motion system that is drive-based, PC-based or PLC-based and can easily automate the most complex equipment.





Notable for reliability and performance, Siemens motion control drives also provide flexibility, ease-of-use and integrated safety features.


High-Performance Motors for Motion Control

A broad spectrum of powerful and compact motors specifically for motion control applications.


Safety Integrated Technology

When it comes to the safety of machine operators, Siemens has the solutions to keep them out of harm's way. From light sensors and area sensors to bus solutions for E-Stop buttons and other indicators, Siemens has Integrated Safety Solutions for the most demanding applications. And by integrating safety in drive technology, it simplifies the system, requiring fewer components, and saving engineering and wiring costs.

Integrated Safety Solutions