Siemens Answers with Motion Control Solutions for Glass Manufacturing

Over the course of centuries, glass has grown in importance – and this will remain a trend in the future. Even though the methods of producing glass have not changed for many years, completely new challenges have to be overcome today in the production processes: On the one hand, constant increases in productivity and glass quality are demanded – and on the other hand, glass production costs must be considerably reduced.

Siemens has a long history in glass manufacturing with dedicated products and solutions for a range of glass machinery. Our years of experience in the world of industrial automation and motion control solutions create the ideal foundation for increasing the efficiency of your plant and maximizing your company’s competitive edge well into the future.

Two glass-manufacturing applications are singled out below - flat glass and hollow glass - but if it's an automated way of producing glass, Siemens is committed to understanding your individual needs and your specific industry by providing industry-targeted consultation and cutting-edge engineering solutions.





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How Siemens products & services are geared toward financial and environmental sustainability in the glass production industry

Energy Efficiency
• Environmental Concerns
• Return on Investment

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Keynote address from Glasstec 2010: main focus on efficiency and enhancing performance, especially in terms of how well the environment is protected

• Production Efficiency
• Improved Performance
• Environmental Concerns