Siemens Answers with Products and Solutions for General Motion Control Applications

With a clear focus on the needs of customers, Siemens approach to every application of Motion Control - no matter how general or specific - combines innovation and automation to create best-in-class products and optimal solutions for any machine. Machine builders, system integrators, and end users can leverage Siemens’ broad motion control portfolio as well as a global network, which that includes technical support services, application support services, capable distributors, solution partners, and more.

Why Choose Siemens?

Cost Savings in Configuration, Commissioning, Control and Diagnostics 
Through Totally Integrated Automation

Highly Scalable, Flexible Solutions
With SIMATIC, SIMOTION and SINAMICS that reduce the number of components and complexity of the machine automation systems, and offer greater standardization of parts

Global Footprint
No matter what you import or export, Siemens has the worldwide experience, and that includes local resources in over 190 countries ready with technical resources and spare parts


Some of the More Common Applications where Siemens has Experience

In addition to supplying motion controllers, applied drives, and motors, we at Siemens leverage our industry expertise in focused market segments to provide complete machine control solutions.

For general motion control, Siemens provides products and solutions that can be optimized for use in any machine at both the design and manufacturing phases, through Siemens Mechatronics Support. We can assist in machine planning and design for any application that involves motion, such as for the following (hi-lited items take you to specific Siemens topic pages):

Aircraft Construction, Wing Positioning

Electronic Pick & Place

Medical Scanners

Silicon Water Handling


Envelope Manufacturing

Metal Bar Turning

Simulators (Flight, etc.)

Bacon Cutting

Food Packaging

Metal Cutting

Stage Curtain Control

Balancing Machines

Form / Fill  / Seal

Mixing / Dispensing

Test Stands

Cable Stranding

Frozen Food Packaging

Packaging Machines

Textile Weaving

Camera Control

Furniture Drilling

Paper/Pulp Industry

Theatrical/Concert Stage Control

Carton Cutting

Glass Packaging

Pepperoni Dispensing

Tire Manufacturing


Glue Laying

Pipe Bending

Tool Changer

Cheese Machines

Granite Shaping

Pipe Making

T-Shirt Printing

Chicken Packaging

Industrial Sewing

Plastic Bag Production

Winding Equipment

Chocolate Bar Collating

Laser Cutting

Printing Machines

Wire Weaving

CNC Machine

Laser Wood Trimming

Production Welding

Wood Carving


Machine Tool

Pull to Length

Wood Cutting

Contact Lens Production

Margarine Slicing

Pull Wire to Length



Material Cutting



Dye Machines

Material Trimming

Railroad Wheel Cutting

XY Coordinate

Dyno Testing



X-Y Positioning

Egg Handling

Meat Packing

Ship Propulsion Systems

Yogurt Dispensing

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