Siemens Answers with Products and Solutions for General Motion Control Applications

With a clear focus on the needs of customers, Siemens approach to every application of Motion Control - no matter how general or specific - combines innovation and automation to create best-in-class products and optimal solutions for any machine. Machine builders, system integrators, and end users can leverage Siemens’ broad motion control portfolio as well as a global network, which that includes technical support services, application support services, capable distributors, solution partners, and more.

Why Choose Siemens?

Cost Savings in Configuration, Commissioning, Control and Diagnostics 
Through Totally Integrated Automation

Highly Scalable, Flexible Solutions
With SIMATIC, SIMOTION and SINAMICS that reduce the number of components and complexity of the machine automation systems, and offer greater standardization of parts

Global Footprint
No matter what you import or export, Siemens has the worldwide experience, and that includes local resources in over 190 countries ready with technical resources and spare parts


Siemens is committed to helping you...

  • Reduce the cost of ownership of drives and motor equipment
    By simplifying maintenance and reducing downtime through modular drive design and the separation of drive control and power

  • Reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint
    Through common DC bus drive designs and modules that can correct for power factor

  • Diagnose safety events and provide peace of mind
    Through Safety-Integrated drive solutions with technology to simplify safety circuits and allow greater transparency

Siemens General Motion Control Diagram

The Right Solutions

General Motion Control System Components

  • Application Software – developed specifically for a particular application to provide building blocks for common tasks

  • Motion Controller – capable of coordinating and synchronizing rotational or linear position of one or more axes of motion

  • Drive / Amplifier – provides electrical power to a motor by regulating the motor speed and torque in response to commands from the motion controller.  Some Drive / Amplifiers have capability to perform individual positioning moves commonly referred to as point-to-point or indexing commands

  • Motor – applies torque through motor output shaft to provide movement of Mechanical System (load)

  • Feedback Device – coupled along motor output shaft to provide position and velocity status to the drive amplifier and / or motion controller.  An external Feedback Device may be connected to the axis of  movement to provide more direct feedback of the load.  Devices generally include such items as Absolute Value EnDat encoder, incremental sin/cos encoder, resolver, and HTL incremental encoder

  • Mechanical System – may comprise many different types of components that transmit work to a load. including such common items as a drive wheel, conveyor, hoist, ball screw, and rack pinion

The Right Products

From motion controllers to motor and drive technology, Siemens provides every product needed to build or upgrade your converting machines


Siemens offers an extremely broad spectrum of powerful and compact motors specifically for motion control applications


Notable for reliability and performance, Siemens motion control drives also provide flexibility, ease-of-use and integrated safety features

Motion Controllers

Control your entire production machine with a motion system that is drive-based, PC-based or PLC-based and can easily automate the most complex equipment