SinaSave energy efficiency tool

Calculate the payback time for energy-efficient drive technology

SinaSave determines the energy saving potential and payback times based on your particular application conditions. The tool offers a wide range of comparison options of various control modes and product combinations for drive systems for pump & fan applications. These are then graphically shown with their components as well as the most important results, for instance, the system and power losses according to EN50598. As a consequence, SinaSave supports you when making a decision to select the most cost-effective investment.

After selecting the optimum solution for your particular requirements, the basic configuration can be transferred to the Drives Technology Configurator. After the components have been configured in detail, technical data sheets, operating instructions, certificates - as well as 2D/3D dimension drawings can be called up. After the parts list has been transferred to the Industry Mall shopping cart, the various components can be quickly ordered.

SinaSave supports the evaluation of the various comparisons of product and system by

  • Displaying the potential savings for energy and energy costs, as well as CO2 emissions

  • Estimation of the amortization time

  • Estimation of the individual total lifecycle costs

  • Representation of the system power losses according to EN 50598‑2 for full load and partial load

  • Direct comparison of Siemens drives with the reference Power Drive System (PDS) described in EN 50598‑2

SinaSave Sample Screens

From SinaSave Version 6.0 and higher, the drive systems to be compared and the relevant drive component parameters are displayed graphically. An additional expansion are the numerous comparison possibilities for different control types and comprehensive product combinations for drive solutions for pump and fan applications. In addition to SIMOTICS motors and SINAMICS drives, the product portfolio comprises SIRIUS switching devices, offering a comprehensive range of comparison possibilities – according to your individual requirements.

SinaSave Start Screen

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