SIMOGEAR Parallel Shaft Gear Motors

parallel shaft gear motor

Parallel shaft geared motors are the modern version of coaxial geared motors. As a result of their compact and short design, they take up less space than helical geared motors. Parallel shaft geared motors can either have a solid shaft - or alternatively a hollow shaft as so-called plug-on gear unit. This means that the geared motor is optimally integrated into the driven machine. Additional components - e.g. such as gear wheels or chain wheels - to transmit the force to the driven machine are eliminated. Parallel shaft geared motors represent the space and weight-saving solution within the range of coaxial geared motors.

SIMOGEAR  parallel shaft geared motors are available for the power range up to 20 HP (15 kW) and rated gear unit torques up to 5,900 ft-lb (8,000 Nm).

Parallel Shaft Gear Motor Features

SIMOGEAR Parallel Shaft Gear Motor 2-Stage

2-Stage Parallel Shaft



3-Stage Parallel Shaft

Integrates with Siemens drives and automation

Energy efficient (Mechanical efficiencies up to 96%)

Choice of NEMA Energy Efficient or NEMA Premium® motors

2 or 3-stage construction

Foot, flange (B5, B14), or torque arm mounting

Solid shaft, hollow shaft, and SIMOLOC keyless tapered shaft locking system

NEMA Premium® is a certification mark of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association. (US DOE CC# 032A)

Technical Information

SIMOGER Parallel Shaft Gear Motor






Output torque

111 - 14,000 ft-lb (150 - 19,000 Nm)

111 - 14,000 ft-lb (150 - 19,000 Nm)


3.57 - 70

32 - 413

Motor Power

1/3 - 75 HP (0.25  - 55 kW)

1/3 - 75 HP (0.25  - 55 kW)

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Typical Applications


Agitator Drives

Carriage Drives

Storage & Retrieval Systems (ASRS)

SIMOGEAR Parallel Shaft Gear Motors - Conveyor Application

SIMOGEAR Parallel Shaft Gear Motors - Agitator Application

SIMOGEAR Parallel Shaft Gear Motors - Carriage Application

SIMOGEAR Parallel Shaft Gear Motors - ASRS Application