SIMOGEAR Helical Gear Motors

Helical gear motors - cut

Helical geared motors are the most conventional and cost-effective solution for many drive applications. Helical gear units are coaxial, where the gear unit output shaft is in line with the motor shaft. A solid shaft is always used as output shaft. Additional components – e.g. gear wheels or chain wheels – to transfer the force to the driven load are therefore required. Solutions utilizing helical geared motors are capable of an extremely variable speed range.

SIMOGEAR  helical geared motors are available for the power range up to 20 HP (15 kW) and rated gear unit torques up to 5,900 ft-lb (8,000 Nm).

SIMOGEAR Helical Gear Motor Features

SIMOGEAR Helical Gear Motor 2-Stage

Integrates with Siemens drives and automation

Energy efficient (Mechanical efficiencies up to 96%)

NEMA Premium® motors

2 or 3-stage construction

Foot, flange mounting

Solid shaft, hollow shaft, and SIMOLOC keyless tapered shaft locking system

NEMA Premium® is a certification mark of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association. (US DOE CC# 032A)

Technical Information

Helical Gear Motor - 2-Stage

Helical Gear Motor - 3-Stage

Gear Title

Z19 - Z89

D219  - D89




Output Torque

74 - 5,900 ft-lb (100 - 8,000 Nm)

74 - 5,900 ft-lb (100 - 8,000 Nm)


3.40 - 60.97

39.34 - 330.23

Motor Power

1/3 - 20 HP (0.25 - 15 kW)

1/3 - 20 HP (0.25 - 15 kW)

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Typical Applications


Packaged Goods Transport

Vertical Conveyor

SIMOGEAR Parallel Shaft Gear Motors - Conveyor Application

SIMOGEAR Helical Gear Motors - Packaging Application

SIMOGEAR Helical Gear Motors - Vertical Conveyor Application

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