Representing 60% of industrial energy consumed, motors are one of the primary places to look for efficiency and cost savings

Siemens offers a full line of energy efficient motors that exceed even the most stringent NEMA or IEC standards. We can also create custom motors to meet your specifications.

Siemens Motor Efficiency Technology

Copper Rotors - A Revolutionary Technology

Siemens was the first to begin large-scale manufacturing of copper rotor motors, and with efficiencies as high as 93.7%, Siemens copper rotor technology is second to none in energy savings today.

Siemens motor efficiency technology also incorporates:

  • Aluminum Rotor Motors: Delivering tomorrow's energy efficiency requirements today at an agressive price point.

  • Above NEMA Motors: Innovative cooling concepts and modular design result in maximized efficiency levels, and a system that can be integrated into any plant environment.