Siemens Answers with SINAMICS Energy Efficient Drive Solutions

Electric motor systems are responsible for more than 65% of the power consumption in industry today

Installing Siemens energy efficient drives to optimize motor control systems can:

  • Reduce energy consumption in your facility by as much as 70%

  • Create a return on investment (ROI) in as little as 6 months when combining energy efficiency tax incentives, utility rebates, and creative financing through Siemens Financial Services.

  • Improve product quality, reduce production costs, and lower carbon dioxide emissions

Energy Saving for Pumps, Fans, and Compressors with Energy Efficient Drive Solutions

Over 40% of all electricity used in industry is powering pumps, fans, and compressors, where motors typically operate at 100% speed regardless of the system flow requirements. However, most applications do not require 100% flow and often have various flow set points.

Read how using Siemens variable frequency drives can save up to 70% in energy usage while reducing wear and tear on your system.

Efficient Infeed Technology with General Purpose Drives

Siemens is setting a new global standard for general purpose drives. This unrivaled technology produces lower harmonics and supports regenerative feedback in a smaller, lighter, and much more cost-effective package form.

Recover Wasted Energy

In a motor system that uses braking resistors or is cyclical in nature, wasted energy used to be a guaranteed side effect. 

Now with Siemens' variable frequency drives, much of that energy can be recovered – dramatically boosting your productivity and profitability.

Siemens Energy Efficient Drives In the News

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Webcast: Energy Saving in Motion Control Strategies 

Presenters talk about how motors and drives fit into a plant’s energy strategy and how energy efficient motors and variable frequency drives (VFDs) can create energy savings.

August 2010

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